Trade In Those Nike’s For Li-Ning’s

N***** in China ft. Wilson Chandler and JR Smith. This lockout is getting so real, and in a hurry. From what I know, the Chinese leagues are not even letting players out of their contracts say mid-season if/when the NBA Lockout does end. You going to China is you selling your soul to them basically, and it’s not like the players don’t know this.

This is what China does to you

All those hearts in a tweet from a grown man is worth a couple of worries.

Of all the leagues to play in overseas why would you even want to play in the Chinese league?

Off the top of my head I know the Italian leagues, Spanish, Turkish, and French leagues are all better. Maybe they just got Asian fever, if that’s the case then I completely understand why you would want to get locked out over there. Plus being up in those Denver mountains will drive any black man crazy, so I half understand why they’d make such a brash decision.

All in all (9th grade conclusion paragraph swag) Wilson and JR are like C-list NBA players so I don’t really care if they’re not around (unless Wilson was slated to be back in a Knick jersey this winter) when the season begins. But we are in serious trouble if and when some of the upper echelon players decide to take their talents to the Far East. Just pray that the season starts sooner than later.




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