Swisher and Ebert (Above the Rim)

Best basketball movie ever?
He Got Game, Hoosiers, Love and Basketball, The Air Up There, White Men Can’t Jump, O… This list could go on forever and a day.

What we at Swish are gonna do is make the your dvd battle, or Netflix decision making a little more simple.

“How?” You may ask. Well we have come up with the Swish Flicks Review (Swisher and Ebert).

So without further adieu, our first movie review…

What You Need to Know:
The Shep: Hooping in school/church shoes and slacks.
-It’s Kyle E. Watson. Not Kylie, or Kyle Lee Watson.
-Tupac aka Birdie does in fact wear a nose ring and still catch bodies, contradiction?
-I still don’t look like Wood Harris

-No Wood Harris here.
-Shep did not own a single pair of ball shorts.
-R.I.P. Bernie Mac
-If Nutso ain’t die Shep woulda went to the league and that’s a fact.
-Birdie definitely thought he was black Red Auerbach with that cigar in his mouth.

-Wood Harris was lookin like TMac in ’02.
-Birdie really had Kyle E under the most pressure in that chip, me personally I woulda faked that ankle injury the whole day.
-Shep really dropped thirty in the 2nd half with a thermal and courdory pants on.

Rating: 7.75/10
On a basic scale of 1-10 of course 10 being dopest we give Above the Rim a 7.75. Good movie, great setting of course (NYC). B-List actors, the best performance in the flick goes to either Pac or that one syllable named brotha, Leon. Huge missing piece to the whole movie??? FEMALES. What high school basketball star in NYC doesn’t get chicks? The movie could have been in the same convo with say He Got Game had there been a girlfriend or a couple of side joints. Also, the white coach in the hood was a stretch, not that it was unbelievable but they def coulda threw a Delroy Lindo, or Robert Townsend in there. But those are minor details, still a great movie. And if you’re a real swisha you should have it at your disposal.

Above the Rim isn’t really a simp special, so you should avoid showing it to ya girl by all means. This is literally a movie for the fellas. Just made my little 8 year old cousin sit and watch it with me.

What’s a basketball movie without a Fire soundtrack (once again copy and paste)



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