The Absence of Common Cents

“Swish Generation”- Just a couple of n****s with hoop dreams deferred blogging about some things you probably care about. Guiding young dudes into upstanding manhood & keeping young females away from the perils of hoe-ism.

That’s the mission statement given by good Brotha Smits. Our hoop dreams were deferred; key word; deferred. If ya’ll told me right now to play 82 games for a struggle 30 grand this year I would be f***** ecstatic. Yet we have NBA athletes(who are regular dudes at heart just like us) out here debating between 4 mill and 5.5?? Its STILL 7 digits in your account, to play basketball…. f***** BASKETBALL. I’m broke b, I’m working in a office filled with husky women conversing for hours about tonights dinner & The f**** Housewives of New Jersey. The f*** ya’ll know about that struggle!? You coons want to argue about playing a game, REALLY? I know all of us college students, grads, working class people alike can relate…so let me plead my case


NBA Athletes are the highest paid athletes in North America

-The AVERAGE NBA player salary is just under 5 Million a year…thats $90,000 dollars a week…
-BUT…..The NBA earned less profit than both the NFL & MLB….& Formula One racing…
TRANSLATION: You clowns get paid the most to produce the least

Under the current system….all 3 of these dudes are STILL getting paid more than your average

-Eddy Curry made 11 Million dollars this year, Stephon Marbury made around 20 million dollars last year
-Don’t know what Stevey Franchise earning this year but I’m sure its more than everyone reading this

 Under the current system….Desenga Diop STILL made 7 million this year….
naa my bad….I meant Desenga Diop STILL made 7 million this year
Under the current system….2 time NBA champion Lamar Odom made a little over 7 million this year
…JJ Barea, the deciding factor in the NBA finals, made 1.5 million
TRANSLATION:  Garbage time players make way too much paper
88% of you will be broke by Christmas
-Unmerciful amounts of struggle….
….Or in the bing

RAP TRANSLATION-“Either you slinging crack rock or got a wicked jumpshot” ~ Christopher Wallace

A lot of ya’ll needed to spend some more time in here…
FINAL RULING: Take a pay cut you smart dumb ****, if not; there will be no season period, that’s word to everything. Unemployment is higher than ever. Unemployment in the black community is around 30%. Unemployment amongst black males is damn near 50%.  AND It took me 2 hours just to get on the court to play pick up the other day. You n*ggas are bugging. Its simple math; EVERYBODY is broke, everybody must sacrifice. Its not even that deep. I know hoes that get wet off of 2 for $20 at Applebee’s in times like this b, they don’t need PF Chang’s fam, you good off that, aight? Sacrifice that pair of red bottoms for your side chick and give me my NBA season man, thats all I ask.
This is Common Sense, cut that bullshit out…we just wanna be great….let us be great


  1. RecruitZero-SR

    REAL SHIT. Ever since (and before) Spreewell decided he couldnt feed his family off whatever multimillion dollar contract he was being offered, I knew these dudes were in another reality. I understand getting your fair share cuz the owners are def trying to get over, but these guys need to frame it in that way rrather than acting like they are getting paid minimum wage. While Im sympathetic to the players side more, I really cant fuck with either side while im out here deciding if i gotta wait till payday to put 20 in the gas tank.

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