Troy Davis Thoughts

I know this isn’t our lane but tonight 9/21/2011 a man, a black man, Troy Davis was put to death by the state of Georgia by way of lethal injection. Whether or not he was innocent is another story, and it is something that we shouldn’t really speculate on. In essence it is a case that is as old as me and older than some of you. None of us are lawyers, some of you don’t know a thing about the law or judicial system.

The problem that I would like to press is simply the one of race and unity. I think we all know that more or less, the judicial system in our country is biased, prisons are overpopulated with blacks and hispanics, prison sentences are longer for us, and grants of parole and probation are turned down everyday. The reality of the situation is that these injustices take place all the time and we (every last one of us reading this) don’t take notice unless it hits home or becomes headline news. We’re so caught up in Worldstar videos and fashion, and sports, and music that we could care less about what’s going on to our own people, here in our own backyard.

Also, we (not including myself this time) were so compelled to see Casey Anthony get the same exact death penalty for a crime that evidence could not prove, we rejoiced when OJ got off in pretty much the same exact manner. The racism is working on both sides. And I know we have more of a reason to want to see justice or what we perceive as justice be served to the majority, but what does that change? Would it have made you sleep better at night if Casey Anthony would have been sentenced to Death Row, would it have put more money in your pocket, would you really trust the judicial system that much more? I know what my answer is. Everyone in this country needs to wake up, change the world by changing yourself first, change how you think, change how you speak, change how you act, change who you associate with. Because at the end of the day yes this is a racially charged case but if you learn to keep away from certain situations and certain individuals you wouldn’t be in the stated predicament. What I do know is that I will never move to the South, I don’t think that it’s really a safe haven for a black man.

Me personally, I don’t have the time to worry about all the people in prison for things that they didn’t do, but I do pray for the betterment of the American people and in that I pray and wish that they do see their justice served. If all of you revolutionaries and progressive minds want to make a change then stop tweeting all day, stop working so hard for that weak check and try to make some changes. Yes the unity and black pride that we showed on the “social networks” was cool, but what’s next, are you gonna be progressive and whatever else for one single day, 24 hours, or are you gonna try to be a constant reminder of that change that you want to see?

Long story short, let’s continue to support each other in all endeavors of life, not just when all goes wrong. Try to uplift each other, and stop thinking that “the money is the motive”, that’s the problem with the country now, that same money is gonna be the reason that we are divided again tomorrow or within a few days, yall fail to realize these things and it’s sad that the money is what controls us. It’s that same money that probably kept some well off black people from speaking up about this issue when it happened back then and when it became headline news a few days ago. So let Troy Davis be a reminder not of how messed up the judicial system is here, but let it remind us of the power of unity and support. Be about that unity yall speak of, support your “bro”, support your “sis”.

And all of yall that ONLY want to vote in Presidential elections can save it.

I got B minuses in English, this whole professional writing ain’t my forte, but I hope it serves a purpose.



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