Sakz-Rough Sketches Of A Portrait Vol. 1

DOWNLOADMediafire or Hulkshare

What’s the word family, its been slow motion for the team this week but I had to stop through to drop off some shit for y’all from a ill upcoming artist out of the BX by the name of Sakz (@sakz5th). Sakz is a personal brother of the Swish team, and if you know us we wouldn’t amp anything on our own shit that’s not all the way official. “Rough Sketches Vol. 1” has a little bit of everything, witty lyricism, fly talk, some social commentary, all over dope production as well as some hip hop classics.

The tape is hosted by the homie; radio personality OG Nitty (@OG_Nitty) and boasts features from another upstart MC out the X our guy Jae Gooz (@GoozFallweather) on track 5 which is a standout. Other features come from various spitters, highlight of them all being Fresh Jacobs on my personal favorite called “Slick Talk”.

Anyways fuck a whole review that’t not my lane at all but give this joint a spin. DOWNLOAD up top or give it a listen on Dat Piff


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