Go Cop Your Duncan’s

“I’m prepared for the frontin, with silver rims so the feets on the truck look like a pair a them DUNCANS”

Yup, these come out today.

Quick shoutout to my brotha @FavLett3rsGQ for stuntin in em 2 years back.

But yea I mean we can say whatever we want about the “Big Fundamental” as his career winds down, BUT he is by far the greatest PF to ever lace em up. Idk if I’ve ever heard Tim crack a single joke or crack a smile on the court but it don’t matter cuz he got 4 rings and an MVP to match.

I wanted to put up a Timmy tribute video but I think we’d lose followers for posting a video of hook shots, bankshots, and blocked shots, with a few foul complaints mixed in.

But I do remember this.

Just as I’ve grown to respect the Mamba as I’ve gotten older, the same respect and admiration is there for Tim Duncan.



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