Kobe in Bologna

Just read this. I knew that this day was coming soon. Felt that now that I’m not in school anymore I could go back to rooting for Kob again, but nope it’s curtains for that.
Kobe Goes to Italy

Pretty ill deal for the Mamba nonetheless. 3 mill for 10 games, and a clause that states if and hopefully when the lockout ends he’ll be able to return to the league. At the end of the day you can see just how passionate Kobe really is about the sport, and that’s worth all the respect in the world. Actually as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to appreciate what he is and has done for the league, still don’t wanna see him tie Scottie with 6 rings tho.

Oh yea peep this flick too smh…

Ignore the rest of the SadFacebook statuses (idk if that’s a word) and peep Deron. That’s from about a week ago.



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