The Rap Game Like….. The NBA (Fabolous)

Been a nice minute since we dropped one of these. In all honesty after that “Mr. Nice Watch” from Jaz-O Cole hit the net we planned on getting him outta there but then he went and had a really fire album so we fell back.

Yea, nah here we go though. Fabolous Sport, Ghetto Fab, Faboloso, Coco Loso, (I gotta try that Peach Ciroc too), John Jackson. Yup that’s him, Brooklyn’s own Mr. F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S, Burst onto the scene in ’01 as the energetic, cratfy wordsmith, flashy Brooklyn boy.

Since his debut album (Ghetto Fabolous) Fab’s become more and more popular for a number of things. 1 and most notably is rapping for the females, as some sort of second coming of LL Cool J. 2, he has remained as flashy and trendsetting as he was when he helped usher in the throwbacks and matching fitted caps. 3 Mixtape Fab >>>>>> Album cuts Fab. 4 A Twitter God in the flesh smh.

I personally feel that Fab’s true glory days were when he was younger and a little more raw, yea Loso is the smoother more laid back act which in part describes the man typing this but Ghetto Fab was better than this Loso guy.

So to describe Fab in basketball terms, what comes to mind is; elite scorer, minimal defense (Never shoulda ever got checked by “Brandy brother”), laid back demeanor, player that the ladies check for, prolly will never win a ring, and has to be some sort of light skin/spanish baller.


Fab Melo

Carmelo Anthony. Yup Fab and Melo basically mirror each other, one on the court, the other on the mic.

Think about it. Melo and Fab are both black but they really have a Spanish Aura to them, Fab cuz he can’t fight and Melo cuz he had those braids for mad long. But Melo is just as unenthusiastic yet flashy as Fab is. Melo will score 35 in a humble flashy way, he’ll dunk on you but it won’t even be a SC Top 10 play, just as Fab will say some really fly s***, make you wanna drop a whole paycheck on shoes and then make an album that won’t even be one of the Top 10 joints from that calendar year.

Of course the ladies love both of these guys, probably cuz of that Spanish Aura. Offensively Carmelo is probably unmatched but his lack of defense, just as Fab’s lack of lyrical depth makes each of them arguably elite. Yea about those rings Melo? Idk if we ever gonna get that Knick parade with Melo as the leader (no shade, just think he gotta become more of a well rounded baller). And Ghetto Fab > Loso, Carmelo with braids > Carmelo with a haircut (pause). Personally I think the way Carmelo launched onto the scene in 03 with Syracuse is when he was at his best, same as for Fab circa 01-04.

Mixtape Fab = Melo in the post

Be all of this as it may, these are definitely two relevant and popular guys in each of their professions, they just aren’t the best.



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