"S*** can get ugly like Sam Cassell"

Everyone knows Sam Cassell is one of the greatest NBA point guards (3 Championship Rings, 1 All Star appearance, averaged 15 pts and 6 ast for his career and led the 05-06 Clippers of all teams to the playoffs). And I’m not debating this so don’t go and try to throw shade on my blog post. But anyone who’s a fan of basketball knows Sam Cassell game, no athleticism, contested mid range jumpers off the dribble, and an unmatched point guard post game. But he’s not the reason for my post today, the highlight of this is Sam Cassell Jr. Sam Cassell was 6’3 and Sam Cassell Jr. is a just a 6’4 version of his OG. He’s not high on the recruiting list but he’s getting some D-1 looks and I hope he gets to see time as I will be rooting for him like I used to root for Sam. But watch these highlights and tell me this not OG Sam in the flesh.




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