2 Weeks Huh?!?!

So yesterday we were hit with the news that many of us have been expecting/dreading for about a year now. 2 whole weeks of the NBA season canceled. Now when they canceled training camp and all of the preseason games we really could have cared less, but that should have been a sign right there.

Now look at us with these NBA 2K12’s with no updates.

I started to think, the quality of our lives really will falter due to this 2 weeks of no basketball struggle, which I’m sure is going to grow into another 2 weeks and then possibly a month, who knows if they’ll even lace up at this point.

I’m tired of these little Pro-Am and charity (no disrespect to the cause) games. I wanna see some regular players out there, some vets, some defense, some rookies. These games have gotten old and fast at least for me.

So what does 2 weeks without ball really equate to?

This is a list of things basketball and non-basketball related that are going to be affected by this hoop layover:

1. It’s gonna be some long, cold, lonely nights for my fellas out there without a girl, a she, a boo, or a plethora of side chicks because when you couldn’t count on a girl to keep you up at night NBATV was right there.

2. As I mentioned before, 2K12 is gonna almost become irrelevant once Nov. 1 hits and there are no actual games going on, might as well dust off the 2K11 in some cases.

3. As much as we love college basketball it really was a side chick to the NBA, things ain’t the same without the one we really care about.

4. We are gonna need some FIRE albums/mixtapes in the meantime. Wale does come out on the 1st but that Take Care that we were looking forward to got pushed back right along with the season so we really are hurting.

5. Sundays and Mondays will be the only days of the week where sports even matter. Let that soak in, think about Wednesdays minus the NBA on ESPN, and Thursdays minus Chuck and Kenny smh, even the Tuesday Game of the Night on NBATV.

6. At least the WNBA is over so we can turn to NBATV and not worry about having to watch this again

7. The quality of conversation between you and ya boys and shorties that watch ball will suffer.

8. Think about the amount of dates we’re gonna end up going on because of this.

9. The amount of liquor that will be purchased because, well there isn’t anything better to do and what do we do when there isn’t something better to do than drink?

10. I almost wanna put money on the fact that some fellas will begin to watch these reality shows, cuz there’s no ball on, or due to a females influence, then again some of yall might already be watching them, on the humble.

11. We won’t have a reason to not answer texts and calls now due to this.

12. ESPN is gonna become the ultimate struggle yet again.

Long story short thank you, and F YOU NBA because this is without a doubt gonna be the Coldest Winter EVER due to you. Still don’t know who to blame, whether it be the players or the owners (leaning towards the owners) but we gotta blame someone.

Liv on Sundays was supposed to end a while ago for these dudes.

I’m certain that as this lockout grows in days more agony will be added to this list too.



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