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Yea, nah gotta get ESPN up outta here, right this second. Shoulda done this earlier but had some fake important things to do. But ESPN, this is why Charles and Kenny work for TNT. This is why Mark Jackson left to coach the Warriors. This is why Shaq not tryna work w yall. This is why y’all show the World Series of Poker. This is why if we could get the NBA on NBC back we’d ditch you faster than Gabrielle Union at the senior dance. I can go on but I digress.

1st and foremost, I am not a Kobe Bryant stan, fan, or any variation of the fanatic word. BUT I do understand greatness and I do understand what he has done and I firmly believe that he has 2 maybe 3 more years left in his relative prime. For ESPN to rank him SEVENTH is beyond my comprehension honestly, for them to rank him outside of the top 3 is actually too hard for me to fathom. Same dude that dunked on Emeka Okafor after we said he lost it right? Smh, what we gotta do to take Jalen Rose, Michael Wilbon and Jon Barry’s jobs? I know we would be funnier and make better predictions than they do. And if there is any way that anyone reading this can set up a fade match between me and Jon Barry I would appreciate that A LOT.

But back to picking apart this NBA ranking that they released.

1. Any real basketball fan will still tell you The Mamba is either #1 or #2 in the league, regardless of who won the MVP or who won an NBA Championship. Did we say that Paul Pierce was top 5 after 08? Did we even put him top 10?

2. After watching him almost lead his team to a seventh and deciding game vs LA, I found the respect that I lost for Chrs Paul when he would get diced by Deron Williams (who if you wanna put CP3 @ #4, should be no more than 4 slots behind him). But to say that he’s the 4th best player and again rank him ahead of Kobe Bryant is NOT valid. Granted he’s never played on a really good team and has for the most part maxed out whatever talent he’s had with him, the fact remains that he doesn’t have the battle wounds or trophies to garner such a high ranking.

3. Dirk is not the 5th best player in the NBA, point back to my Paul Pierce breakdown. Yes he did play great in the Finals but was guarded by the likes of Udonis Haslem (who missed about 80 games) and Joel Anthony (who would have only seen significant minutes on the Knicks), so give Dirk credit for his ring, but if you wanna rank players pound-for-pound he’s not in the top 5.

4. I think by the end of the 2011-2012 season (god willing) Durant and D. Rose will ascend into that top 5, replacing Chris Paul and Dirk. So I do like where those two are ranked. Kev is the most potent offensive weapon in the league today (was Melo) and by the end of the next season it may not even be close. What he does lack is the ability to tell Russell Westbrook to chill the fuck out and give him the damn ball and he needs to hit the weights so that he can become that much more effective in the post and defensively.

5. Said what I had to about Kobe’s ranking.

6. Yeah they threw Deron some love. Once he becomes a Brooklyn Net, his value will soar and that’s a fact.

7. ESPN really gotta let me get a job because there is no way on earth that Blake Griffin should be ranked in the top 10.

This is MY Top 10 not the Swish God’s, just me Swish Smits.

1. Lebron James: Say what you want about his 4th quarter struggles but pound-for-pound he is still the best that the NBA has to offer, on both ends of the court.

2. Kobe Bryant: Despite The Black Mamba getting up there in age I can’t possibly fix my fingers to type that he is anything less than second.

3. Dwight Howard: Magic really been trash ever since he’s been there, put any other player in the league in that mix and you have a 40 win team, max. Offensively improving and the best defensive big man/player I’ve ever seen.

4. Dwyane Wade: Still think the Heat need to work on figuring out who their closer is, he struggled in the Playoffs up until the Finals, and has never been as great defensively as his athleticism and skills say he should be. All of that said, if his jump shot midrange and from deep was a little more consistent he’d be 3rd.

5. Chris Paul: After that long drawn out paragraph about CP3 I still rank him top 5. His heart and determination seem to only be matched by Kobe in the NBA today.

6. Kevin Durant: Give him a year or two he’ll be sitting in that top spot (possibly). As a LeBron fan I don’t wanna believe that but as a realist, it’s undeniable.

7. Dirk Nowitzki: Before the Playoffs/Finals Dirk was top 15/20, no way can he jump into the convo with the top 5 (again this is MY opinion). And he still don’t play defense. He didn’t have to even lift a finger on defense in the Playoffs (Andrew Bynum, Serge Ibaka, Marcus Camby, Joel Anthony). I might have slightly discredited who he defended but there’s no way he defended Pau, Lamarcus and Chris Bosh lol.

8. Derrick Rose: It’s kinda hard to rank him this low given the season that he just had, but we gotta see one more year of that sort before he gets the veteran’s nod.

9. Pau Gasol: Laker fans don’t agree whatsoever. But he’s top 10 easily in the NBA today. In the 2010 Playoffs he played just as well as Kobe did in my opinion and last year he was good but worn down from the offseason ball and just as most of the Lakers, 3 straight seasons of 100+ basketball games, expect a big turn around from Pau this season.

10. Deron Williams: In their head to head match ups it’s not even close, he’s better than Chris Paul but that whole move to the Arena off the Turnpike and being absent from the Playoffs doesn’t help Deron’s cause. No one can be great in NJ unless it’s high school sports, so it might be another year before we hear from DWill.

Go check ESPN for those corny rankings they did, I’m not posting felonious stuff on this site unless it’s stuff that we thought of, which would then of course make it fact.

No Carmelo and Amare are not top 10.



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