The Rap Game Like … Vol. 5 Cam’ron and Mase

Camron and Mase came up together in Harlem, played high school basketball and eventually went on to become talented emcees. They started out together in a group also known as “Children of the Corn” (rip Big L and Bloodshed) but that only last for an album and then the group split up to pursue solo careers.

Before you knew it Cam was buzzing with Horse and Carriage and had Pastor Betha ripping the hook. Although Cam was poppin his career didn’t take off quite like Mase’s did. Mase hopped on with the hottest conglomerate in the 90’s, Bad Boy. He was arguably a top 5 talent in his time as he was dropping hit after hit (Been Around the Remix is my personal top 15).

But just like the negros they started to beef over money. But as soon as Mase dipped out the game to go the Creflo Dollars route, Cam took over Harlem, NY, the rap game essentially with his Dipset movement. No need to go into a Dipset rant s/o to my brother @Adub521 though.

Couldn’t have done this post without this classic, look at Deacon Betha mad

We posted this already but so what, its our blog

So when you think of a young tandem who was on their way to greatness together but split up and one fell short of the other? None other than …

Vince and T-Mac came and took the league by storm. There were young and breath of fresh air the NBA needed at the time. Both were “air apparents” while Vince was a little more aggressive Tracy had a little more finesse to his game. These were really supposed to be Scottie and Mike 2.0 but it never panned out. Lazy eye left Vince in Toronto for his own team Orlando where he got a few scoring chips a CHURASH adidas shoe deal and all-stars but NEVER made it out the first round. Vince stayed patient in Toronto where eventually he built up a solid team (Jerome Williams was to Vince as Jim Jones was to Killa) got the super live Nike deal and at least made a little noise in the playoffs.

So even though Mase left Cam as Tracy did Vince who was better in the long-run? Tracy’s career was hindered by injuries and know he’s the 8th man on an under .500 team. Vince is kind of washed now but he had a successful career in Toronto New Jersey and Orlando and even now he can still give you 25 and a top 10 dunk. We just sit back and think what could’ve been …

“I aint got no beef with Mase. Mase a hustla he own like 7 churches” Cam’ron


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