Swish Legends Vol. 2 (Allan Houston)

I just stopped following all the talks and whatever whatevers that’s been going on with the NBA. I got 2K12 over here collecting dust each and everyday. Things just ain’t the same without the NBA season. LeBron on Twitter pleading for Steve Nash to come to South Beach too smh.

But yea nah, Swish Legends just a couple of the Swish Gods favorite players to ever lace em up and be iight pros, like 10-16 points per game type players, no stars really. I mean even by high school measures none of us were stars, so we idolized those like us.

Here’s one of my all time favorite ballers. If you ever seen me hoop this is precisely my game.

Can’t show him love without this

Being the scorned Knicks fan that I am, this still ranks in the top 3 for my all time favorite NBA moments.

Yes he is partly responsible for why we were Prospect Park sidewalk trash for like 6 years but he lead us to a Finals appearance, and gave Kobe 53 points. As a Knick fan idk what more I could have legitimately asked this man for.

Salute Allan Houston



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