Swish Smits: 3 Favorite NBA Moments

Yea nah, 22 years of watching ball. Yes I was watching basketball out of the belly. April 18 usually the beginning of playoff ball so let me be great.

That last Allan Houston post really made me sit and think of my 3 favorite NBA moments. Now I gave you one or arguably one of three with the last post so I had to think up 3 more moments. These were moments that made me happy to be a fan of a player/team or even in one case a hater of a team/player/city.

Not gonna let this one rank too high, but yea I had to be one of the happiest ppl on the planet when Piru P did this…

Lmaoooo I really became a Paul Pierce fan the moment that first 3 pointer went thru the net. I was happy to see him get the evil empire and Kobe and “Lost and Jealous” outta there.

Before he became known for choking/shutting it down in the 4th quarter, this happened, and this is when he became my first favorite player since KG in 01…

4 years later and still no ring for the king.

Toss up. Favorite player dunk on favorite team, or favorite team dunk on greatest player. And please don’t start that “it was on Horace Grant talk”. Hoop Earring in the frame, Hoop Earring got yocked on, simple mathematics.

I remember being mad compelled when this dunk happened I ain’t know if I should be amped or if I should be tight. Either way these probably 2 of the top playoff dunks ever.

This moment really was 3B, but I chilled…



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