Just Live and Keep Something Under The Arm Vol. 2

Two of my favorite topics, freak women and basketball. They really run hand-in-hand. Second volume of this series, more dope or maybe not so dope chicks living under the arm and advancing the white women and athletes stereotype.

I was looking for the notorious Carolina Blue ripped denims of Michael Jordan and I came across Marcus Jordan with two top notch bunnies nestled comfortably under his arm. Exactly how you pull these two joints with G. Garvin’s chef jacket on? Simple, be a basketball player and/or be the son of the greatest basketball player ever.

Another 2-on-1 fastbreak here. These two chicks are without a shadow of a doubt “down for the brown”. Gumby is hanging on to Rudy as if she wants to go another round. And shorty with the pale face and devil colored eyes has a hoody on and a black and mild in hand, no way a chick smokes black and milds and doesn’t worship with the soul pole. Idk if I would have touched either one of these chicks but then again Rudy’s eyes say that he may have had one too many shots of Burnette’s. I’ve done some things that I may or may not have forgotten due to 10 shots of Burnette’s.

A.C. Green really didn’t want parts??? Let Uncle Swish ever tell me he got a 1-on-12, no way on earth two of those women ain’t leaving without… Nvm.

Smh even Scottie gotta bad wife, or whatever she is.

Yea, Rick been out here.

Until next time, eat more salads, lift some weights, read a book, and always keep a drink in hand, and you too may be able to live the prosperous life of an NBA bachelor.



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