Lost And Jealous: Rap Bars

Smh, Uncle Swish touched on this subject some months ago, he found some good and some bad music. What I have is a bunch of struggle bars from LA’s best. How I found these songs, I have no clue, the real question should be why they even exist.

Chris Mills: Sumptin to Groove To

“…I’m a big ball player, nice rhyme sayer, and as you ougta know I’m a fly girl layer”
He said he was from LA in this song; more of a reason for me to hate L.A. and everything that it stands for. Also, “sayer” doesn’t exist in Webster’s, if Chris Mills was actually nice this would of course be null and void (see Swagu) but he’s not…..

Cedric Ceballos ft. Warren G: Flow On

“Deuce trey is in effect, like Keith don’t sweat, don’t need to break necks just to gets my respect, I stay smooth, til ya try to get on my rough side…”
Why would the same man who floated all over Regulate, relegate himself to a track with the fake deuce trey? Do I really need to remind yall who Cedric Ceballos played for?

Ron Artest: Go Loco

At this point and time it’s well established that Fat Joe is from Miami, and L.A. really changed Ron Ron. Ron swear he Noreaga with this reggaeton blend. I really cried when I saw George Lopez with the Outlawz flag on tho.
“uno, dos, tres, cuatro/I was in the spot with all my vatos/poppin bottles going loco/party so hard that my eyes are rojo”
SMFH, I had more songs to add to this post but you can’t possibly top that struggle, so I will end it here

Ron missed that layup cuz he did music with Spanish ppl, I’m convinced.



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