"Sooner than Later"

First and foremost shouout to my new favorite female Nicki ‘Hammertime’ Minaj

The NBA lockout was too bad before but now that its November, its hitting home that there’s no NBA games being played. I’m just going to list 5 reasons why we need the NBA back sooner than later because my life has been going downhill since the season was SUPPOSED to tip-off

5. Kevin Durant is playing flag football in his free-time and Lebron is challenging him? The only thing Kevin Durant should be doing in his free time is pullups and diamond pushups. Lebron is my worst favorite player. This off season he should have got with Hakeem on his post-game all while retiring that headband. But he just wanted to follow his new fake friend Backpack around all summer. Lebron just wants to be in on everything, he got too many friends. A lot of players aint rock with Kobe and Mike but look at them counting their rings.

4. Trades can’t be made and Andre Iguodala is still on the Sixers.

3. The Big East conference is falling apart faster than Kims vag… Nah I’m not gon do that (just yet). Syracuse and Pittsburgh are already out with other teams leaving as well. Over the past years Big East play has been the basketball outside of the NBA playoffs and now its over for that ballin’ I’m really have to watch Doc Jr. and Seth Rogan to get some excitement out of basketball this year.

2. NBA2K12 is the best worst video game out right now. I gotta play with last years rosters and no rookie players? I’m the worst player on 2k12 right now simply because I don’t have the motivation to play this garbage. I was ready to takeover the 2k12 world with the Kings (Reke, Jimmer and Boogie) but instead of staying up late to play 2k I just get a good nights sleep.


We really let E! True Hollywood take over the the NBA with this. Yea Kim K got the double double box but I should not be hearing/seeing his name everyday. We hyped him ’cause he got the some salvaged box but who shouldn’t when you 6’10 in the NBA. He was with this chick for 2 and a half months came up on some millions and made a name for himself in the press. I can dap him all day for that but I can’t respect the hype we built for him during the NBA lockout. THERE IS NO NBA AS OF RIGHT AND WE TALK ABOUT IS THIS DUDE? The same dude who let Rob Kardashian call his fiance a “whore?” The same dude who repeatedly got herbed by Mrs. Odom? Yea ok …

Shoutout to Piru P for this one

Only thing I can appreciate during this lockout are these new commercials



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