Crew Love (Young Clips)

*Pretty sure that that’s Smush Parker or Mr. VP of the Player’s Union Keyon Dooling in this pic and not Jeff McInnis

In about a month I will see this “Crew Love” or “#CREWLOVE” tagged about a thousand times on Twitter and Instagram. But we gonna be the first ones to set it off, starting waves n allat owww owwww word to Max B.

Idk if us real basketball fans were ever bamboozled by a group of players more than the head tapping (pause) early millennium LA Clippers.

The Crew
Lamar Odom: 1999-2003
15ppg 4.7apg 7.1 rpg

Quentin Richardson: 2000-2004
12ppg 4.7rpg 34%3pt

Darius Miles: 2000-2002
9.5ppg 5.7rpg 57%FT

Jeff McInnis: 1999-2002
11.5ppg 5.1apg

A couple other players came along and tried to blend in with the crew but they were never as authentic as these 4. The Elton Brand’s and Corey Maggette’s, as good as they were, went to Duke and even as an adolescent we knew that Duke =/= cool and to our young minds that’s precisely what LO, QRich, Darius and Jeff embodied.

That def sounds like L.O. laying half decent bars on this clip too…

For a young 20-23 year old crew during the NBA’s Dark Age that never made it to the playoffs during their run (1999-2003) combined record of 112-216 (34& Winning Percentage) they definitely left a huge mark on basketball culture, esp for our generation. Who can forget the patented fist clinch head tap, I didn’t even know white people at the time but I know that that trend reached the burbs, it had to, because from the first moment I heard a white boy use the n-word I knew that they had their ear to the streets. No way on earth you’re between the ages of 17-30 and didn’t throw on a headband, hit a 3, throw a behind the back pass, clap boards, dunk, or do anything positive on the offensive end and not proceed to *clench fists and tap forehead*. If you missed out on that and don’t buy Take Care on the 15th let ya girl read these blogs and then proceed to click that follow button on Twitter cuz it’s no way that you real duke.

Idk if they started the durag + jersey trend or if it was Hov/Fab. Either way I’m sure that this pic sent chills down David Stern’s spine. This might have been exhibit A when the league decided that a dress code was necessary. Just read that caption. Look at all of the hope and admiration we had for the young guns. Peace to the Slam Gods as well.

They even bamboozled white America with Darius Miles on the cover of S.I. To think that we once could put Darius Miles. And Kevin Garnett in the same exact sentence, seems far fetched some 10 years later.

And let’s not forget that QRich was and I believe still is a part of Team Jordan, there couldn’t have been anything cooler than a three point shooter wearing Jordan’s to me back in ’01.

This was that “potential” era in the NBA when every draft pick, trade, and overseas acquisition was made off the strength of what he “might” be able to do in 2-3 years. It hurt the league in a way because many of these players were younger than I am and entering the league without refined skills, or much in terms of work ethic, and very arrogant/not looking to take direction from anyone. So on paper and to the naked eye this team could only get better, but some of the players saw (for the most part) their better days in a Clippers uniform. These guys never reached that potential “TOGETHER” as SLAM says and it was kinda wack cuz we all wanted to see them be great as a unit back then.

I see the Kings as a modern day Clippers team, with a lot of the same maturity problems and potential talent lurking. Hopefully that young crew can stick together and at the very least make it into the playoffs.

“Take ya nose off my keyboooaaaarrdddd”



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