The Rap Game Like…Vol. 6 Drake

“I wonder if they’d ever survive in this era, in a time where its recreation to pull all your skeletons out the closet like Halloween decorations”

We really live in a different world today word to Dwayne Wayne & Whitley. You can really be whoever you want to be. I remember circa 04-05 my ex girl had me watching that Degrassi s*** in her crib and I’m thinking to myself who the f*** is this herb light skin dude with a widowed peak afro. His corniness was nothing short of remarkable, yet my chick is sitting on the couch hanging on to his every word. Son I was so tight at that fact I almost left the crib without even beating…but at age 15 it was always horniness>>pride so I proceeded to keep my ass right on that couch and fake enjoyed another 2 episodes.

But yeaa like Ye said in 2 years Dwayne Wayne became Dwayne Wade, and now we sit year in 2011 and we seriously contemplating if Aubrey Drake Graham’s latest project is better than a Jay-Z & Kanye West duo album, a thought that would probably have somebody call you a stone cold faggot 4 years ago is now a relevant debate. I say all that to make this point, which is at the end of the day talent really trumps everything. Many years removed from his unshaped fro he is still extremely corny, still will throw on the huffest outfit you can think of, and says a lot of pauseable suspect shit….for example
This n**** got on a salmon colored hoody, no facial hair, all while moaning another man’s name. And somehow we really don’t give a f***. The music is so undeniable that our brains subconsciously put events like this to the side. Like yo, who else do we let get a pass for shit like this!?….

Yup….and chill before you think this is blasphemous, I’m going to explain myself…but first, remember this??

And this…..
This too….
Then combine those with this
Then this….
(They let the n**** grace the cover of the Source with one of the most suspect facial expressions imaginable. This n**** making me feel uncomfortable behind the comfort of my own computer screen.)
Now look, in NO WAY am I comparing greatness, I’m probably the biggest Kobe fan you know. But the comparisons here are so relevant. Both come from very affluent upbringings. Both have made terrible attempts at obtaining street credibility. They deal with the same issues. We forgave Kob for crying in public twice, forgave him for getting snuffed, forgave him for one of the ugliest sneakers of all time, AND forgave him for posing in a outfit like that black pause man from True Blood. And we defend Drizzy for a wide variety of shit, and it is for the very same reasons we defend Bean. 
As much as you wanted to throw shade at Kobe during the rape case, he was coming fresh from court handing out 40 pieces effortlessly. As much as you’d like to say Drake is trash, he dropped heat upon heat every few weeks this summer, and then proceeded to float on us by not even tripping about his album leaking. He knows we still copping it, thats really humble disrespect.
Results speak for themselves, Kobe has given us some of the most epic moments in NBA history, and Aubrey is paving his own way giving us a entirely new wave of music mixing rap and r&b seamlessly into every track. Kobe got the #1 selling jersey despite all his mishaps, and Drake is going to follow suit when Take Care gets its legal release. Its craft >> personal credentials & credibility, and a lot of times thats really how it should be….and yes, still be careful about which bitches you listen to Take Care around.

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