Tale of the Tape

You know the Swish Gods stay in the gym, staying fit and eating healthy. Your body is the only place you gotta call home for the rest of your life.

But yea, as I type this I see that we have approx 5 hours until we know if there will be a 2011-2012 NBA Season or not. I really sent one up to the Man upstairs, cuz only he knows what will happen without an NBA season smh.

IF there is a season, gonna make a bold (not really) prediction and say that these two will face off in the NBA Finals. By far the top two small forwards in the game. Accomplishments and general knowledge of the game says LeBron is better than KD35 but let’s go to the Tale of the Tape and really see who was better than who during the 2010-2011 Season.

6’8″ 260lbs
26 Years Old
Akron, OH
Miami Heat
51% FG Percentage (Career High)
33% 3Pt Percentage
75% FT Percentage
3.6 Turnovers Per Game (Career High)
ALL-NBA 1st Team
ALL-NBA Defensive 1st Team

6’9″ 215
23 Years Old
Washington DC
Oklahoma City Thunder
46% FG Percentage
35% 3pt Percentage
88% FT Percentage
2.6 Turnovers/Game
ALL-NBA 1st Team

And just knowledge this Playoff stat:
Kevin Durant: 345 FG attempts
Russell Westbrook: 343 FG attempts

-Both guys are scorers, given Durant is more of a natural, score from anywhere on the floor scorer and LeBron is more of a big finisher with 3 point range. But the old saying who would you give it to down 2 points with 10 seconds on the clock goes to KD.
-The rebounding edge goes to LeBron as he’s always been an elite rebounder for his size and position, whereas Kev doesn’t posses the strength to really bang inside and crash boards with the big men in the league.
-Assists are easily LeBron’s forte, Kevin doesn’t have that innate playmaker ability.
-Defensively the stats do seem to slightly favor KD but LeBron has made 3 consecutive ALL-NBA Defensive 1st teams so he gets that as well.
-Shooting stats go to Kevin too. LeBron shoots a higher percentage but that’s due to his ability to get into the lane and finish, compared to KD who is a jump shooting scorer. LeBron’s FT shooting has been and seems as if it will always be his Achilles heel, give that to Durantula too.
-Last thing to go off of because it seems as if we’ve come to a draw at this point is the with both player’s being young and knowing how to use their size to their advantage is….

Of course it’s gotta be the shoes. The low top technology on basketball sneakers is dope, those Kobe’s and I’m guessing these KD3’s gotta be the lightest most comfortable basketball shoes ever constructed. That being said, there’s something about a pair of Lebron’s that captures the attention of everyone on the court, and given all of the flavors that they get released in they are the top of the line signature ball sneakers today.

LeBron wins in a Split Decision.

*May be very interesting to do this comparison in a year or so.

4 hours till we kiss the game goodbye.



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