Swish On Living: feat. Swish Van Ex

Us here at Swish just try to teach ya’ll how to live while providing some ill hoops knowledge. If you’ve seen our “Just Live” series or “The Swish Guide” then you’ve seen our outlook on life breathe through those posts. Yea some of our takes on things might seem slightly radical, unrealistic, and/or ridiculous, but we really out here living that life….Alot of ya’ll really don’t know how to live man so take note

John Salmons

Yea nah, my son Johnny not living right. This chicks outfit is the sole reason Ray Allen gave him 50 back in 09

The God

Now you see here, my bredren Van Exel is clearly living life to the fullest extent. Mixed drink in hand, Scarlett Johansen look alike under the arm. Deceased Klansmen everywhere are rolling over in their graves as we speak.

Bosh Spice
Yeaa I mean aight Boshtrich is trying to be out here but he not really prospering like a upstanding Swish reader can and should. For one he has twists, and secondly he got 2 5s on his arm. Sure that adds up to a dime, but if you know your math well its almost always about the average and not the total.


If you going to double up you gotta do it right you feel me. Sundress straps, blonde hair, drunk kisses on the face, this shit speaks for itself. This is life if you really living it b. Like Smits says, just eat right, be faithful to the gym, and read these blogs, then nothing is stopping you from living just like you should.

Gotta live in a correct manner my people, it’s absolutely imperative to do so. We just regular young dudes with some fake wisdom to share with ya’ll, take it for what it is. I’m typing this in a dingy bathe robe eating ramen noodles so I know there’s nothing ya’ll can’t achieve. You can either continue to play Call of Duty for hours or you can do like the gods do and poly with the daughters of corporate CEO’s.

(wanted to throw some beautiful black queens we know on here but they all follow us so I chilled)
But anyways, ya’ll already schnoe the schlogan round here…..



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