25 Days of Christmas (Cavs)

I know it ain’t really 25 days till Christmas. But that title got a nice ring to it. And fortunately Christmas is when the season officially begins.

Each day leading up until Christmas (hopefully) we will cover each and every team top to bottom of the NBA, with a quick analysis on why you should like em and why you should just understand why my Knicks are gonna get them outta there this year. We’re gonna start off slow, reallll sloww, bottom of the barrel, scum, dirt, the Forgotten City, the Hopeless Franchise, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I was mad confused when Rozay said his moms is living like a Cavalier now. Son got the Sclagetti but his moms living like a Cavalier??? You don’t wanna live like a Cavalier my friends. Especially not now.

Bron leaving Cleveland had to feel like a when a woman gets left standing at the altar. She gonna be scorned for life or at least until she gets back up there. But she still gonna wanna burn his pictures, Wallabees, wife beaters, and fitteds.

GUARDS: Baron Davis (#85) just think about how many fucks Baron is giving this year, Kyrie Irving, Boobie Gibson-Cole, Ramon Sessions, Manny Harris, Alonzo Gee, Joey Graham.

FORWARDS: Omri Cassipi, Christian Eyenga, Luke Harangody (Really?), Antwan Jamison (Making 15 mil this season, he gotta be one of the reasons we almost ain’t have a season), Samardo Samuels, Tristan Thompson, Varejao

CENTERS: Semih Erden, Ryan Hollins

Head Coach: Byron Scott

I look at this roster and I wonder who can they beat? Who will start? Who’s gonna score? Who’s gonna rebound? Where’s JJ Hickson (the same guy they wouldn’t trade for Amare in 2010 lmaooo)?

19-63 last season. That’s all you really need to know. I don’t think a Baron Davis lead team in 2012 can be anything but struggle. Will they win more than 19 games? I believe so. I think Kyrie has star capabilities and will be playing with no pressure and nothing to lose, he’s gonna be great. Same thing goes for Tristan Thompson. Another positive thing that they have going for them is that Byron Scott is the coach. He helped turn the Hornets around and helped develop CP3 into the star he is today, I can see him doing the same with Kyrie. Given most of this is a process and the Cavs are totally rebuilding, this year is not the year to think that the Cleveland fans will see revenge against #6 or most teams for that matter. Actually have to take back what I said about winning more than last year, with this year being 66 games n allat.

They have glaring weaknesses though. Their forwards and centers have to be at the bottom of the league in terms of ability and expectations. No one is checking for any of the players on those lists other than Tristan. Jamison is well over the hill at 35, Varejao isn’t the same without LeBron guiding him to the basket, Ryan Hollins must chill.

. Semi Erden may surprise you some games but for the most part it’s quiet for him as well. I wonder if Harangody can be like the NBA’s Tim Tebow, prolly not, actually definitely not, but he’ll have his moments, he’ll be back on this blog. Long story short, NBA games are won inside and the Cavs lack any interior presence and for the most part any true swing men. Their guards are going to have a heavy burden this season, one that they won’t be able to carry.

2011-2012 Prediction: 18-48
Lmaooo that record is mad disrespectful but they are gonna be a tough team to face. They are gonna play defense and be able to stay close in games due to that alone but they lack the offensive firepower and experience to hang with most teams in the late moments of games.

It’s gonna be a long season in Ohio. Disgruntled fans are gonna continue to hate LeBron, only thing that could be dope is if Cam takes one of his famed trips to Ohio and that is completely unrelated to basketball so catch my drift.



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