25 Days of Christmas (T’Wolves)

Minnesota, that’s where Kris Humphries from right?? Zero respect will be given in this post off the strength.

GUARDS: Wayne Ellington, Malcolm Lee, Luke Ridnour, Ricky Rubio, Bassy, Martell Webster

FORWARDS: Mike Beasley, Lazar Hayward, Wes Johnson, Kevin Love, Anthony Randolph, Anthony Tolliver, Derrick Williams

CENTERS: Darko Millic (I don’t care how his name is spelled) Nikola Pekovic (also don’t care)

Quick look at this roster and there are a number of well known players who haven’t tapped their potential yet. Scoring should be easy in Minnesota. But who’s gonna run the team? Who’s going to start at point guard? Who’s gonna defend the lethal 2’s and 3’s of today’s NBA? May be very quiet in the mountains again.

17-65 during 2010-2011. Very few bright spots on this team last year. The only reason that they were even relevant was because of Love and his consecutive double-double streak. On paper they are deep, maybe too deep at the 3/4 positions, it will be interesting to see how they iron that situation out. We’re still waiting on Beasley to be the beast that he was in 07/08 @ Kansas State, the talent is definitely there, he’s a player who can score 20-25 at will but is the consistency there and will he play hard night in and night out. Beasley should feel some type of way that it’s Lebron AND Durant as the top SF’s in the league and that he’s nowhere near that list. The most intriguing part of the T’Wolves this season is gonna be Derrick Williams, a player who exploded on the college scene last season and has all the physical tools to be a future star. But will he get shots, will he even get enough minutes on this team because Wes Johnson (a lottery pick) is still lingering on the squad. And Kevin Love is nice but nobody care about 15 rebounds a game if you ain’t gonna defend anyone, the two basically offset each other.

The Centers on this team ain’t much to talk about, they are gonna get destroyed even though Darko is a decent pro, not former #2 pick nice though. The guard position has some noteworthy names (Sebastian Telfair, Ricky Rubio, Wayne Ellington) but competing on a nightly basis is going to be tough for that group, especially with the sudden emergence of point guard position, all of these guards are better suited to be backups and not necessarily in a starting lineup. Rubio is the unknown but the athleticism that exists today at the point guard position makes it hard for me to believe that Ricky will adjust right away in the NBA.

2011-2012 Prediction: 23-43
They should be able to win about a third of their games this season. As I mentioned before, they will be able to put up baskets in bunches between Love and Beasley, I believe someone else on the roster will give them some offensive punch. They’ll beat below average to average teams in the NBA but once again will struggle against some of the beasts especially in the Western Conference. They will struggle stopping the big time scorers in the league (Durant, Wade, Bryant, Rose, Melo) which is why they will lose a lot of games that have the potential to be nail biters. The x-factor is Mike Beasley though, if he finally taps into that potential and plays a little smarter 23 wins could easily become 33.

But all in all Kris Humphries just got deaded by Kimmy Cakes so the whole state of Minnesota is in a downfall, I expect that to also effect the fans who come to the games thus the players and the final score. No Playoffs

This woulda never happened in Brooklyn. “At night see the light when that pistol’s sparkin…”



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