The November Struggle

Man life just been hectic. I got a full length fro right now and I continue to be good to great.

I made a pact with myself, I said “yo if you stop eating McDonald’s for the rest of your life the lockout will end” and look what ensued, yea I thought it was all for none at first but look at it now. The NBA is back.

I really convinced myself that I was gonna be content with all college basketball games this season too, like F the whole NBA. But that’s like when you see a chick you like(d) with the next man, it’s F her but man if she ever found her way back into your arms you’d love her forever. That’s what this feels like. I wanna thank the month of November first and foremost. The struggles that took place this month called for some sort of relief.

Thanksgiving Massacre

This was really someone’s meal at Thanksgiving (we still love you tho lol). But no NBA, and moms don’t even wanna be over the stove. I won’t even get into the fact that I ain’t had a Sunday night meal at my crib in eons. These were all effects of the lockout.


In the words of my son @VI_DA_Boss “get Wale and his Def Poetry Jam Bars tfoh”.
I really sat myself down and listened to a man with the dreads of a recreational soccer player rap all because there was no basketball to be seen on the TV.

Stephen Jackson released a mixtape. Jax one of my top 10 fave players that’s why we ain’t slander him, but shit was getting outta hand.

Wilson Chandler dropped 43 and 19 in his first game in China. Wilson Chandler averaged just about one third of both of those totals in the NBA over his career.

I know some other unthinkable things happened during this tumultuous month but why complain about the struggles when the league is all the way back?



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