Free Agents

Keep December 9th in mind. That’s the day where NBA teams (with the money) get a chance to tighten up their rosters via free agency.

This isn’t the Class of 2010 FA or the upcoming class of 2012 so don’t look for any monster moves or shifts in the balance of power in the league due to a FA signing. With that said there are a ton of veteran players with playoff, and championship experience on this year’s list.

Expect players like Tayshaun Prince, Tyson Chandler, Glen Davis, and Caron Butler to be pursued by and eventually sign with contending teams for this shortened NBA season. I’m not Chris Broussard (yet) so I don’t have the inside scoop on where anyone is going so it will all come as a surprise to me between the 9th and 25th when most of these role players end up in new cities.

Notable Free Agents:
Marc Gasol (Restricted)

Thad Young (R)

Jason Richardson
Tayshaun Prince
Tyson Chandler
David West
Jamal Crawford
Glen Davis

DeAndre Jordan (R)
Caron Butler
JJ Barea
Sam Dalembert
Aaron Brooks (R)
Arron Afflalo (R)
Jeff Green
Mario Chalmers (R)
DeShawn Stevenson

Greg Oden
Tracy McGrady
Shane Battier
Kris Humphries
Craig Smith
Delonte West

The Gawd

A lot of veteran players on this list who can go to almost any team and fit in immediately. I expect most of the restricted FA’s to to resign because those teams realize that in a shorter season it’s probably more beneficial to keep players around who know the system as opposed to signing new ones.

Knicks gonna sign Slammin Sammy and we gonna act like we got Dwight Howard…



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