25 Days of Christmas (Jazz)

Who even plays on the Jazz anymore? Deron left, Booz gone, Wes Matthews bounced. Plus the state of Utah gotta be top 3 worst states just cuz BYU dropped Brandon Davies off the squad for smanging the mormon freak next door. I don’t see how you can even be happy playing in Utah.

On top of all of this Tyrone Cornbread Corbin is their coach. He may very well be the blackest person to ever step foot in the state of Utah. Fans may or may not support the Jazz due to this.

I’m not even gonna type what I’m thinking about this pic…

Raja Bell (Gotta be one of the oldest players today), Alec Burks, Devin Harris, Ronnie Price, Earl Watson

Jeramy Evans, Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, Andrei Kirilenko, CJ Miles, Paul Millsap

Fransisco Elson, Al Jeff, Mehmet Okur

39-43 last season. A bitter end to the Jerry Sloan era, and an unforeseen trade of their best player since Karl Malone lead to the demise of the Jazz. They weren’t bad, just lacked true leadership especially once Deron Williams was traded. On paper the Jazz look pretty formidable. I was never a Devin Harris fan as he has descended into the lower half of starting point guards in the league but he’s still a solid player. I think Alec Burks was one of the sleeper picks in this years draft and he should see valuable minutes with only one other true shooting guard on the roster. Still not sure as to if the backup point guard is Ronnie Price or Earl Watson, but you can’t go wrong either way.

This is another team that may have an overload of “players” (fake talented) at the 3 and 4 spots. Ppl swear Kirilenko is still an elite defender, I swear I’ve seen Kobe give him numerous 30 pieces (he’s also getting 17 mil this upcoming season, reason #2 we almost didn’t have a season). Derrick Favors is only 20 so I’m interested to see what he’s gonna bring to the table in his second season. CJ Miles does work in 2K, but in real life he’s as inconsistent as they come from a high schooler turned pro. Enes Kanter was the 3rd pick in the draft so he should provide them with something, what that is no one knows. Millsap is still an undersized workhorse at the four spot, he was probably the most reliable player on the team last year, I wouldn’t expect that to change. We all loved Gordon Hayward when he almost beat the Duke Blue Devils but his transition to the league reminds me a lot of Adam Morrison’s, maybe an offseason and a new system helps him out.

Al Jefferson didn’t play the way many of us thought he would coming from Minnesota last season, but maybe a different system/coach will help him out. He should be amongst the small group of 20/10 forwards/centers in the NBA. Okur’s been battling injuries these past 2 years but if he’s healthy he’s gonna give them a great dynamic whether he’s starting or off the pine. Elson is actually a really good backup, good for 10-15 minutes each night.

2011-2012 Prediction: 31-35. Just below .500 but still not in the Playoffs in that Western Conference. Going to be a solid team on either side of the ball, with Harris, Jefferson and Millsap doing the brunt of the O, and Kirilenko*, Miles and Jefferson defending the goal. I really see no reason why they should be a bad team. They’ll be average again. But with the bulk of the games (48) being against conference foes they’ll struggle a little more than if it were a complete 82 game schedule. They bring back a team very familiar with each other and the coach so they’ll probably start off strong and beat a couple top tier teams. But as the season progresses and injuries (Harris, Kirilenko, Okur) take their toll, the sun will set on Salt Lake City faster than they may like it to. If they can stay healthy, especially Harris, don’t be surprised to see them sneak in the side door into an 8 or 7 seed.



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