25 Days of Christmas (Wizards)

Shout out to all the pretty ladies from the DMV first and foremost. I swear one of yall gonna have my last name one day. Y’all don’t even care about basketball like that since Gil left either, I halfway wanna make this post solely about y’all. But let me halt the lust and get back to business.

FYI today was World AIDS Day… I know it’s wicked out in those DC streets. And that wasn’t even a joke that’s real life, know your status.

And shout out to Rashard Lewis for making 22 mil this upcoming season, thus making him the second highest player in the league behind Kobe smfh.

Jordan Crawford, Shelvin Mack, Mustafa Shakur, John Wall, Nick Young

Andray Blatche, Mo Evans, Josh Howard, Rashard Lewis, Kevin Seraphin, Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely.

Trevor Booker, Biggavels, Hamady Ndiaye

23-59 last season. The Wizards just weren’t good last season, that simple. From Gil in the beginning of the season to Rashard at the end. Oh and it’s still much love to Javale McGee (Biggavels) moms too.

Yea nah, the Wizards still gonna be type trash this year, but they definitely have some exciting players from Wall, to Crawford, to McGee, if they’re on the tube you’d wanna watch.

Obviously John Wall is cut from that cloth of new age point guards with mad athleticism, potential and ability to be a great leader. Showed the ability to be a true point guard which will truly benefit the Wizards and help them improve slightly from a year ago. I’m assuming Nick Young still has that afro on his head in oh eleven, I don’t want to say much more about him. Jordan Crawford can be a hit or he can be a miss, I really hope he’s a hit because he can score the ball in bunches and who’ll ever forget the dunk he threw on Bron while he was still in college. Good to see Mustafa Shakur still getting a crack at the league. Shelvin Mack probably coulda stayed that last year at Butler, he was one of my favorite crunch time players in college, don’t think his game translates to an NBA game.

If Josh Howard still wear his headband like he got dreads then this is all I will say about him. Andray Blatche is fake good, not a reliable enough scorer but he will have his days. Rashard Lewis really is the reason that we had a terrible month of November, but as I type this I’ve been informed of a few things that’s making December such a dope month. The rest of the forwards on this team trash (maybe Chris Singleton can lock up like they say).

Javale McGee really might be Uncle Swish favorite center in the league. No reason why he shouldn’t dominate 90% of the other centers in the league this year. Trevor Booker is six foot eight inches tall and a center in the NBA, someone explain that logic to me because it’s floating over my head. I remember when Hamady played my alma mater, it was the best game of his life, it will most likely remain that way.

2011-2012 Prediction: 25-41. As wack as that record looks, in terms of winning percentage it is a huge improvement from 2010-2011. With the chance to play the Charlotte’s, Bucks, and Raptors a lot of times they’ll get their W’s. Wall is ready to take his game to another level. I don’t put much weight on those charity games but he was always mentioned with the LeBron’s and KD’s, he’ll be their finisher. They still won’t be able to defend teams for the most part and that’ll be their downfall. But like I said the Wizards are gonna be fun to watch and will have a whole lot of highlights in 2011-2012.

Smh, Nick Young still got that fro going, 25 wins has become 22. That’s 3 L’s to the head (pause).



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