25 Days of Christmas (Charlotte Bobcats)

“Before I set it off…first off  you a b*tch n*gga”-Cam’ron 

Aight without any further a due I wanna give a big f*ck you shout out to the owner of the Bobcats, Mr. Hoop Earring. I grew up my entire live worshipping you, my pops almost had to swing on a dude at a Knicks game because I insisted on rocking your jersey to a MSG playoff game. Plus you are infatuated with slim wealthy white women, which I seemed to develop at a young age. You were a half step from Jesus in my book Mike, and I come to find out you damn near tried to sabotage the entire season. Nah son, How the f*ck you speak out against a labor system that was molded for YOU? Pops used to always refer to you as “a jive muthaf***”, I was blinded at that age but now I see.

“And he can’t dress dawgs, who styled em” Cam’ron
….furthermore you 40 plus letting chicks take drunk Facebook pictures of you
Aight so anyways about these Bobcats, here’s how they look on paper…
GUARDS: Kemba Walker, DJ Augustin, Garret Temple, Gerald Henderson, Matt Carrol

FORWARDS: Tyrus Thomas, Correy Maggette, DJ White, Bismack Biyombo, Boris Diaw, Donte Cunningham, Eduardo Najera 

CENTERS: Kwame Brown, Desenga Diop, Joel Pryzbilla 

I read a tweet from SLAM Magazine this week that the Bobcats were going to make Corey Maggette the focal point of their offense this season. So either the Bobcats management is high, or we need to take over the basketball editorial world from SLAM sooner than later. Regardless, the fact that that statement was even let out to the public shows you how trash these guys are going to be this year.
Looking at the backcourt, its not terrible, theres some good young talent with the trio of Walker, Augustine, and Henderson. The issue here is Walker and Augustine are both 6 feet flat, play the same position, and basically have the same type of game. I don’t really see them being able to co-exist on the court together, so more thank likely look for Augustine to be on the move somewhere in these upcoming weeks.
Charlotte used the latter of their 1st round picks of this years draft on Bismack Biyombo out of the Motherland. The compared him to Ben Wallace on draft night, therefore I know he’s not going to add any value to a Bobcats front court which is severe need of some scoring. The frontline is already filled with defensive bigmen like Ty Thomas & Joell Pryzbilla, Biyombo doesn’t give them any versatility. With the exit of Gerald Wallace & Captain Jax this team is truly left without any sign of a #1 guy.
….Which leads me to my first official fake prediction of the year, Kemba Walker WILL be the 2011-12 rookie of the year. Ya’ll already know Kemba is a Swish legend in our book without even playing a game in the L. But all biases aside, there’s no reason he shouldn’t average around 18 points and 5 assists. There is nobody to share the spotlight with, the shots are all his, he’s going to really shine this year man its inevitable. He’s bout to restore the legacy of NYC point guards that our man Bassy & his big cousin Starbury tried so very hard to ruin.

This video alone tells us the god is destined for greatness, he’s living right off the court; dubbing rare arctics, staying humble still passing around bottles of Henny with his comrades. All the while getting brolic in Under Armour commercials. Perfect recipe for success. …that being said
PREDICTION: 17-49 We f*ck with Kemba hardbody over here but this team is still complete dirt. Down bottom type finish in the east, they are in a really rough division, playing the Heat, Magic, and Hawks 3 times a piece, and thats 9 Ls, not to mention what the rest of the league is going to do. But the possibility of a Jarred Sullinger, Anthony Davis, or a Harrison Barnes in the draft next year…we could be talking about them in a whole different light come next season.

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