25 Days of Christmas (Kings)

Jimmer really has zero reasons not to be great after this. Big brother got a track w Twitter God himself Joe Budden(s), if Jimmer can’t knock down that trey ball consistently there will be a new star of the family.

Let’s not forget that Jimmer is a devout Mormon. In Tebow we trust. If Jimmer can have the “Tebow Effect” (Few Chicks, Few Losses) well then the Kings will be able to return the glory days of Arco Arena faster than we may have predicted.

Tebow 11:13

Tyreke Evans, Jimmer Fredette, Francisco Garcia, John Salmons, Fake Isiah Thomas

Boogie Cousins (C/PF), Donte Greene, JJ Hickson, Tyler Honeycutt, Hassan Whiteside

Jason Thompson

Fresh off of a 24-58 2010/2011 campaign, the young Kings have a nucleus that seems ready to explode or implode. The backcourt definitely has two marquee names in Evans and Fredette. The question is can they coexist. We know Reke needs the rock and is one of the best one-on-one specialists in the league today, but what does that leave Glens Falls own Jimmer Fredette with? No disrespect at all to Jimmer but if he can fit into the team a la John Paxson on the Bulls the Kings may surprise us all. John Salmons is still a good offensive option if Reke is streaky as he’s known to be. Francisco Garcia really gotta be the Maloof’s favorite player, he has the longest tenure of any player on the roster. Fake Zeke was iight in college, not much expected from him in the league, might be Nate Robinson 2.0 with the towel waving this year.

They list Boogie at the 4, but he’s really a 5. He made our list of 15 players to look out for in 2011/2012 as the top pivot man. The window is truly the ceiling for Cousins, if he can keep his attitude in check then this team will be TOUGH. There’s JJ Hickson, gonna assume he’s a role player on this team and he will most likely flourish in a sort of Anthony Mason way on the Kings. If JJ is coming off the pine I would expect him to be in the running for 6th Man of the Year. Donte Greene, idk what to really say about him, average SF, can’t defend to save his life, but is capable of scoring the rock. Honeycutt is a rookie and Whiteside remains a mystery a year later. Jason Thompson looked like he was gonna be a solid 15 n 8 guy his first year but the influx of talent that they have has forced him to take a backseat.

2011-2012 Prediction: 33-33. I really wanna go all the way out on a limb and make em a 38-40 win squad but they’re still inexperienced. If Jimmer is logging huge minutes he will more than likely be exposed on the defensive end. And outside of Jimmer they really lack any outside shooting. That being said, I see two player’s on this squad that will more than likely be un-guardable (Evans, Cousins). That mix alone will make them tough, even in the Western Conference (which is getting older by the day). Their division which includes the Lakers, Suns, Clippers, and Warriors is probably the most exciting division in the NBA today. Once again, they’re gonna go as far as Evans and Cousins take em, if those two keep their heads straight expect Arco to be the toughest place to play just like the old days.



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