25 Days of Christmas (Detroit Pistons)

Honestly, are you even gonna read a post about the Detroit Pistons? I don’t even feel like typing one. But contractually (in my mind) I’m obliged to do it, so here goes.

I just looked at the roster and my God it is terrible. This post really gonna be the toughest of them all. The Pistons roster reflects the current economic status of the city of Detroit. Pure struggle and despair, no one wants to go there.

When we all loved Detroit…

Will Bynum, Ben Gordon, Rip Hamilton, Brandon Knight, Terico White

Austin Daye, Vernon Macklin, Greg Monroe, Kyle Singler, Charlie Villanueva

Ben Wallace

30-52 last season in the Central Division. The backcourt received an upgrade (asterisk) with the addition of one and done Kentucky star Brandon Knight. Ben Gordon hasn’t been nearly what they thought they bargained for when they stole him away from Chicago a couple years back, and he doesn’t really look like he’s all that happy playing in Motown. Will Bynum has shown flashes (Marv Albert voice) but he remains an energy guy, not a player to depend on for big minutes. Rip Hamilton had a huge falling out with coach Kuester last season and I am shocked that he made it through the entirety of the season on the team. Some playoff team will be interested in Rip at some point this year, I don’t expect him to stay here.

Minus Charlie Villanueva, the rest of these forwards were still in college in 2009. On the surface these guys are young, full of potential and highly skilled. But that is/was their draft day descriptions, they’re in the league now and of all of these players the only one that I can see truly having any longevity in the NBA is Greg Monroe. Daye still hasn’t put on weight, Singler went to Duke, and Vernon Macklin seems like a dope practice player. Definitely one of the, if not the weakest group of 3/4’s around. Ben Wallace has given the Pistons franchise some great years, the best of his career, one day his jersey will be retired by these guys, but in 2011/2012 idk how much we can expect from a 37 year old Big Ben. Father time may have finally caught up to him after a surprisingly good 2010/2011 year.

2011-2012 Prediction: 21-45. With the exceptions of Ben Wallace, Rip Hamilton, and Ben Gordon the Pistons are yet another young and untested squad that will have to earn it’s stripes in the very competitive Eastern Conference. Playing in a division with the Bulls, Pacers, Bucks and Cavs doesn’t look to be too daunting but all of those teams should be better than Detroit, especially with the expected departure of vet Tayshaun Prince. They could very well be one of the worst teams in the NBA this season. They are gonna have the hardest time generating any consistent offense, they were in the middle of the pack last year (15/30) but I just don’t see it this year. Expect Brandon Knight (just like Kyrie Irving) to be able to play sans pressure and expectations, he should have a decent rookie campaign.

Classic Motown Music…



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