When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Cincy v Xavier

First and foremost, this is why the black man is still the most feared being walking God’s earth…

Please peep from the :45 to :49 second mark. “Desperate, crawlin to the door on all fours…” -Ghostface Killah. How can you face Kenny Frease after this and not give him 10 and 10 before you get out of the tunnel? Fam went down off of one short hook, you know how weak you gotta be to crumble like that? And add the fact that he slid from under his coaches and teammates, somebody gotta give him 30 immediately. Nigga jaw literally ya moms best china, the joints you walk mad tenderly by everyday of your life.

Idk I’m not really mad at the player’s for fighting. If you’ve played enough basketball you should have been in a fight or 8 by now. Plus there’s bad blood in this rivalry. On one hand I see why Yancy Gates was so riled up, Xavier had the game well in hand by the 5 minute mark and they kept scoring, not running the clock, nothing, real disrespectful. But then I see why Xavier ran the score up, pre game and on Twitter a couple Bearcats had some foul remarks about the Xavier stars. All in all somebody had to get faded, I kinda respect them for keeping it real and dapping each others faces after the game was well in hand.

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong:

Exhibit A: “We got a bunch of gangstas in the locker room. Not thugs, but tough guys on the court” -Tu Holloway
Lmao, fuck is wrong with Terrell, he thought this was gonna just blow over, like that statement was gonna just slide in white America. Tu Holloway from Long Island, he know white ppl are watching.

Exhibit B: “We went out there and zipped em up… That’s our motto ‘zip em up'” -Tu Holloway.
Tu aka Terrell didn’t know the Swish Gods also the URL Gods too. That is K-Shine’s motto my guy. I swear if it’s not New Jersey ppl leave it to the Long Islanders to have zero originality.

Exhibit C: “If somebody put their hands in ya face or try to do something to you, where we from we gonna do something back. We not gonna sit there and get our face beat in by somebody like Yancy Gates or somebody.” -Mark Lyons
I see two things wrong with this statement outside of the obvious. Firstly, Mark Lyons is from Scnectady, NY. I know I spelled that wrong but that’s the point fam, nobody ever been where you from. Tu Holloway from Long Island, idk too many places that I don’t have respect for over the island of length, so that statement voided. 2nd part of his quote is the whole we not gonna sit there and get beat up by Yancy Gates. I watched the video maddddd times, and getting ya face beat in by Yancy Gates is precisely what happened, zero punches were thrown his way, Xavier turned the other cheek, they really think they Tebow now.

End of the day a couple light suspensions were handed out. It really wasn’t an OD fight we just used to seeing basketball players miss when they throw their punches. Yancy Gates connected and now all this fuss. Like I said, the fight wasn’t the problem, the problem was their ignorant answers to the questions. I won’t lie, if I was in the same position as Tu and Mark I would have said the same exact things but luckily God never allowed me to fully develop my jumpshot so I’m not. Shouts to Yancy Gates for landing some punches, every squad (sports and in real life) need a goon like that for when you too drunk to really handle yours or something, just let him step in, knock fam out, then you get ya kicks in like number 13 and get back to enjoying your night.



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