25 Days of Christmas (Houston Rockets)

Wait before we even get into the Rockets n allat. Gonna pay homage to A$AP Rocky cuz he really making me wanna go to Harlem or Houston (Same place?) and be about this life…

A row of gold teeth on a chick very similar to seeing a chick drink Hennessy out of a plastic cup but I really need that white chick to be in my life.

But yea shouts to every stripper to emerge from those Houston streets, my eyes thank you. Something is telling me that one day ima take a trip down there, get throwed and waste a lot of money cuz I wanna be Drake in a strip joint.

But back to the essence.

GUARDS: Goran Dragic, Jonny Flynn, Courtney Lee, Jeremy Lin, Kyle Lowry, Kevin Martin

FORWARDS: Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill, Donatas Motiejunas, Marcus Morris, Patrick Patterson, Luis Scola, Terrence Williams

CENTERS: Hasheem Thabeet

43-39 in 2010/2011, by all means a good year especially given the fact that they thought they would have Yao for the season and didn’t. Their starting backcourt is underrated, where Kevin Martin may be slightly overrated, Kyle Lowry is one of the better young point guards in the NBA, bringing the grit and hustle of those Philly back blocks to the courts of the NBA. Reliable scorer, good playmaker and great defender sums up what he brings to the table. Great to see Jonny Flynn back on an NBA roster too. Courtney Lee has been a bit of a disappointment since entering the league but he’ll still get a decent amount of run on the Rockets.

The frontcourt is going to be led by Scola yet again, another one of the Rockets underrated stars. Since entering the league he’s been a consistent 15 and 8 player @ 50% from the field. Budinger will probably get the chance to start, idk what exactly he brings to the table, but being Caucasian in Houston is probably a complete culture shock for him, that could be a good thing though. As long as Hasheem Thabeet continues to have a mohawk on his head (as we discussed a few months back) he will not see the glory that is stepping on a NBA court. Mohawks are for ppl born after 95, and Native Americans, outside of that it’s a Allen Iverson reach.

2011/2012 Prediction 28-38. As much as I like the underratedness (SP) of the Rockets, there’s no way that they duplicate their success from a season ago. The contributions from their “Big 3” will be solid, not spectacular and today in the league you have to be spectacular with the way teams are loading up. Adelman is still a good coach but he’s like Dunleavy and Sloan where he’ll probably never coach a championship team. I just think that the Rockets don’t have enough depth, and with their Texas rivals (Mavs, Spurs) each having depth and experience, and then facing the Thunder and Grizzlies in that division as well, it’s gonna be a struggle for the Rockets to get off in 2011/2012.

But at the end of the day the strippers I’ve seen in videos and pictures there’s no way that Terrence Williams cares about the sub .500 record.



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