25 Days of Christmas (New Orleans Hornets)

No floor general = no playoffs. No CP3 = no playoffs + no tickets sales. The Hornets were already a team hanging on by the thread and after that weak blockbuster trade they just got TURRIBLE word to Lord Barkely. Eric Gordon better known as Easy Jesus at Swish now has his own team which I kinda respect but lets be honest these games are gonna be weak. New Orleans you mad HA?! Easy you mad HA?! Monte Williams what you gon do with this roster HA?! Lance Thomas the NO savior HA?!

Jarrett Jack, Easy, Marco Belinelli, Jerome Dyson (Kemba Walker’s old head), Willie Green, Terico White, Trey Johnson

Carl Landry, Lance Thomas (SMH), Jason Smith, Trevor Ariza, Al-Farouq Aminu, DaJuan Summers, Quincy Pondexter

Chris Kaman, Emeka Okafor, David Andersen

Last season they snuck into the playoffs with a 46-36 record. Chris Paul was hurt a lot of the season but they managed to get into the playoffs where they almost upset the Fakers. Chris Paul earned some of my respect back in that series because he almost beat LA single handedly and none of his teammates were rated above a 76 on 2K. But all they have to look forward to is drafting Jared Sullinger or Harrison Barnes next year.

I really just fell asleep in mid post. They going 30-33 and I’m being generous because they got veterans and one of the best outside scorers in the league. I don’t whats worse out of New Orleans this team or Jay Electronica’s career.



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