25 Days of Christmas (Phoenix Suns)

Amare and D’Antoni are in NY, Joe Johnson left some years back, Q Rich just on the Magic bench with fly sneaks, only thing left from their glory days is Steve Nash and he was the oldest of them all. Suns on paper look like one of the wackest teams. Even their coach is wack…

You only supposed to throw up after a night of mad liquor and women that’s it. Word to Swish Van Exel.

What do you really expect from a team with 18 players on it’s active roster? Nothing that’s what I expect.

GUARDS: Shannon Brown, Josh Childress, Steve Nash, Ronnie Price, Sebastian Telfair

FORWARDS: Jared Dudley, Mickael Pietrus, Grant Hill, Markieff Morris, Hakim Warrick

CENTERS: Channing Frye, Marcin Gortat, Robin Lopez

The Suns managed to post a respectable 40-42 record in 2010/2011. Looking at that roster that record is actually good/surprising. Honestly there isn’t one player who would strike fear into an opposing coach’s heart on this team. They’re not built on the run n gun premises that D’Antoni had em under 5-7 years ago. This is a defensive team, yet it’s star is far from a defensive stopper, make sense to you??

In the backcourt you still have that defensive liability with 2 MVP’s that is Steve Nash. For the most part he can only give the Mavs 28-33 minutes on a nightly basis at this point in his career. But don’t let age fool you, Nash was still good for 15 and 11 last season while remaining right around 50% shooting from the field. Aaron Brooks* could play a major role but hasn’t re-signed as of yet. Josh Childress back, but he coulda stayed wherever he was, tryna create waves n shit on some let’s play overseas and no one else went with it. I hope his afro and baby teeth gets abused on a nightly basis for that. Shannon Brown, idk what he was thinking, maybe it was more money, maybe it was more minutes but Monica doesn’t wanna live in Arizona fam. Bassy been bouncing around the league for a while, if this was the old Suns I think he’d be a perfect fit, but this team is predicated around defense and with the super athletic guards in the league now it doesn’t bode well for him or Ronnie Price for that matter.

Grant Hill continues to prove that age ain’t nothing but a number, his game is as steady as it was a few years back and he’s finally avoiding that injury bug that’s plagued him for much of his career. Jared Dudley is a nice 6th man option as he did avg 10 points while shooting in the high 40s and just about 42% from 3 last year. Pietrus had his fun in that Magic Cavs series a few years back but it has been relatively quiet on since for the Frenchman. Warrick will be a solid backup, don’t know much about the Morris twin. Channing Frye is listed as a center but he’ll most likely start at the PF position, he will allow the Suns to stretch the floor a little, obviously never has been much of a physical presence. I didn’t believe that Gortat did 13 and 9 last season but that’s exactly what he did, and with Robin Lopez being half the player his brother is I see no reason as to why Gortat shouldn’t start for coach Gentry.

2011/2012 Prediction: 25-41. It’s gonna be a long year for the Suns from what I can see. At the top, the coach still doesn’t have much of a track record, and the “superstar” of the team is all of 36 years old. There are some good players on the team in Hill, Gortat, and Dudley who will offer some help to Nash, I just don’t think it’ll be enough in the Western Conference. Add the fact that they have to play in a division with Kobe (who supposedly just took down the ultimate Swish Boo aka Sanaa Lathan aka “where’s the D?” aka right here in New Yo… nvmd), the Clippers, Warriors and Kings (all teams that will exploit the lack of defense in Steve Nash) and you have a recipe for disaster or rebuilding in The Valley of the Sun.



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