Rap Game Like: (Kanye West)

Probably, definitely the most controversial rapper of the new millennium. Give Kanye a mic and you never know what he’ll give you whether it be greatness or ignorance, but you get something monumental every single time. One of very few rappers to put out a good-classic album with each effort. I believe that he’s 6/6 (that includes WTT and even 808’s).

Consistently great is what Kanye is, from Through the Wire to All of The Lights. As a rapper/rap artist he may very well be the top dog in the industry. Progression from the wit and commentary on school, life, and religion on College Dropout to his recent exuberance, black execllence, and subtle religious comments on MDBTF and WTT, Kanye may be the dopest artist today on the strength that he has the largest range of emotions depicted in his music which gives him the most versatility as a rapper. I don’t think Ye quite does anything better than everyone else, but he has the lyrical ability (Devil in a New Dress) though he was thoroughly washed by Rozay, his storytelling is as vivid as Raekwon’s with Through the Wire, great rap about social and economic conflicts on Diamonds From Sierra Leone, and Crack Music, and of course he objectifies women as every rapper should at least once (I’m fake serious about that too) on tracks like The New Workout Plan.

On one hand you have the Kanye that we all love then you have the guy that people, some people hate…

And the Taylor Swift MTV Awards fiasco which is well documented.

“The Lebron of rhyme/hard to be humble when you stuntin on the jumbotron”

If you had to compare Ye to a baller it would have to be Lebron. That line in itself says it all. I think that at the core of both of these superstars you have that sincere humility with both of them growing up in single parent households in the projects of Akron and Chitown respectively. But along with being a star and wearing your shades in the club comes a sort of aura, and then once you hit that superstar status it’s like (to most people) you can play only one of two roles, hero or villain. Kobe has had and played the villain role as well as DeNiro played Sam Rothstein in Casino and on the other end you have Jay-Z who is pretty much the ghetto’s savior. Both Bron and Ye seem to carry each of the titles depending on who you ask. This line “Address me as your highness/high as United 30 thousand feet up and you are not invited” gives off the same spirit as the self proclaimed “King” when he made this statement after Game 6 of the Finals…

This is what originally cast him in the bad guy light though…

The George Bush comment/Taylor Swift thing made ppl hate Ye same with “The Decision” but in essence both of them did and said things that a lot of ppl with similar status would probably love to do, but lack the balls to do and say it. While it comes off as cockiness to many, it’s just two black men being real, maybe a little too real.

Looking on the positive end, because just like Louis Vuitton Don, there’s more good than bad to the King. That same versatility that Kanye brings to the mic runs parallel to the versatility that Lebron showcases nightly in between the lines. Each game you get to see him pass like Nash, defend like Artest, rebound like Bird and shoot like Oakley. You get a wide range of everything when you see Bron play, same as when you put on a Ye album or let his catalog shuffle thru ya iPod.

The start of their respective “professional” careers also mirror each other in the sense that they each put their respective industries on notice from day one. Of course Ye releasing (arguably) his best album in his rookie season and Lebron garnering millions of fans thru his rookie efforts. With most players and rappers you can point to an album or a season that stands out as their best but with these two you get guys who just get better each time around as they add little moves to their repertoire here and there, so was last year better than this year, or was Graduation really better than MBDTF? It’s hard to really say. That again points to that versatile style that they each possess where you know they’re nice but you can’t fully grasp how great they are as a whole.

Both of em have been on the cover of GQ as well. That’s not a Swish fact that’s actual, which means it’s not as credible but still…

They’re also the names attached to some pricey sneaker boots made by Nike.

Tight Red Pants


Fadeaway Hairline/Headband



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