25 Days of Christmas (Memphis Grizzlies)

Shout out to Canadian women one time. Recent encounters, and House of Balloons really make me wanna take that trip. And shout out to House of Balloons too (mixtape/album of the year) word to my son ADub and the green Neon.

That’s almost neither here nor there. The Memphis Grizzlies were once the Vancouver Grizzlies, but they are a long way from those struggle days. Boasting what is arguably the best starting 5 in the league today.

GUARDS: Tony Allen, Mike Conley, Xavier Henry, OJ Mayo, Jeremy Pargo, Josh Selby, Grevis Vasquez, Sam Young

FORWARDS: Darrell Arthur, Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph

CENTERS: Marc Gasol, Brian Skinner

After a 46-36 regular season the Grizzlies drew the old, tired, slow, boring, zzzzzz’d San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the Playoffs and dismissed them abruptly in 5 games (to the cheers of 96% of basketball fans worldwide). They were a good team on either side of the court, whether it be the defensive brilliance of All-NBA defender Tony Allen or the crafty hustle of slacker turned veteran leader Z-Bo. And don’t forget they pulled off the feat of not only getting into the playoffs but knocking off a #1 seed without their best or 2nd best player Rudy Gay (played 54 total games). We threw Mike Conley some love in the players to watch post back in June, and we even threw Sam Young in there as well.

On paper this is a scary talented squad. Starting backcourt is gonna be Conley and Mayo or Conley and Allen, each backcourt is gonna cause opponents some trouble. Mayo’s the outside shooter/playmaker/slasher, whereas Allen is a defender and energy guy, what the one lacks, the other forcefully brings to the table. And Conley showed the ability to breakdown defenses and knock in the open 3 consistently. Vasquez is rounding into a very good pro despite the constant hate from fellow Venezuelan @ICE_Bergg_SG. Sam Young is gonna pump fake his way into being a household name.

One of the top 3 3/4 combos in the league in 2011 is located in Memphis with Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph. These two need no real introduction, you know em, Rudy the athletic slasher who has improved his jumpshot every single year. Zach the workhorse inside 20 and 10 basically his whole career (minus the years in NY). That combo is gonna give the West fits night in and night out, no way to stop em really. Darrell Arthur is a Sixth Man of the Year candidate off the pine. And it’s funny how we all hate(d) Jerry West for trading Pau for Marc, but in the 2011 Playoffs Marc was the better of the Spaniards, and he should be able to flourish this year, possible all-star trio in Memphis?

2011/2012 Prediction: 47-19. Yup that record will more than likely give them a top 3 or 4 record in the West. No reason to think that they can’t compete at such a level. They’re gonna be better than avg on both ends of the court, they’ve got go to guys and a point guard to get it to them as well as breakdown the defense against a shot clock, a solid bench, and a mixture of youth and experience to get them over late game humps. I’d be surprised if they don’t get to the 2nd round of the playoffs again, they’re that good. Lionel Hollins is a good candidate for Coach of the Year.



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