25 Days of Christmas (Milwaukee Bucks)

Shouts to the OG @Sakz5th he is the only human being that I know of who likes the Milwaukee Bucks, word to Ervin Johnson, Ray Allen, and Vin Baker.

Granted the Bucks have the God himself Stephen Jackson, this has to be one of the corniest teams on paper. The Bucks rarely put together a good paper roster but they always tend to have decent (by the Eastern Conf standards) seasons.

GUARDS: Stephen Jackson, Brandon Jennings, Shaun Livingston, Beno Udrih

FORWARDS: Carlos Delfino, Mike Dunleavy (Makes 10 mil this year, its ok to be mad), Drew Gooden, Tobias Harris (shout out to Tesia at St. John’s), Darington Hobson, Ilyasova, Steve Jackson, Mbah Moute (sp), Larry Sanders

CENTERS: Andrew Bogut

The Bucks went 35-47 last season and only missed the playoffs by 2 games. As I said before, the Bucks never have a roster full of all-stars n allat but they just seem to max out their potential every night. That being said there were definitely some expectations that (based on 2009-2010 season) the Bucks didn’t live up to. At one point, Brandon Jennings looked like the second coming of Allen Iverson, small stature, fast, great leaping ability and supreme scoring knack. That comparison has gone by the wayside now and we are eager to see exactly who and what B. Jennings is. This is year 3, by all means a make or break year for the star*. Its be an all-star or we gonna stop watching pretty much. Shaun Livingston should give overseas a shot, I don’t think he’s built for the NBA at this point. Fresh off of his mixtape (don’t know the name of it) Stephen Jackson is placed in yet another small market (San An, Oakland, Charlotte, Milwaukee), I think had he ever played for a big name team he’d get a lot more credit. He’s a 20 5 and 5 type of player who defends and makes big shots, he should be the big scorer that the Bucks look for fresh off of placing 30th out of 30 teams in ppg last season.

Bucks really think they gonna win with that frontcourt? You know what they might win but only cuz they’ll play defense. They like a 90’s era team minus a live star, I don’t feel like discussing any one of their front line players. I count Steve Jackson as a SG not a SF. Talking bout the Milwaukee Bucks gotta be the most boring thing I did today including going to work.

2011/2012 Prediction: 23-43 I think this is the team that really takes a hit in the new and improved Eastern Conference. They play defense but that’s about it, that effort a beat Cleveland, Washington, and Toronto, but no one else will fall to that consistently because the offenses in the East are too strong. Plus I still don’t see it in Brandon Jennings. That small frame has to come with a ton of heart and confidence to make it as a star in the league, hence why few make it and I think he lacks the first of the two. Can they surprise us and snag an eight seed? No, I won’t even fade it.



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