25 Days Of Christmas (Denver Nuggets)

The post Melo era has begun in the Mile High City, they started it off by greatly overpaying Aaron Afflalo & Nené, not to mention JR Smith, Wils Chandler, & Kenyon are being held hostage in China. So in essence, the trade that made this the deepest roster in the league has been completely nullified by the lockout. Denver had the gift and the curse of having 2 of the most coontastic players in the NBA on their roster in JR Smith & Kenyon Martin. Anybody with some sense would choose ANYWHERE to play besides China. The contracts clearly stated that there was no opt out option. But in true coon form, you can see our man JR is placing all this new oriental box ahead of basketball *daps JR* See you in March.

GUARDS: Andre Miller, Ty Lawson, Aaron Afflalo, Rudy Fernandez, Jordan Hamilton, Corey Brewer

FORWARDS: Danillo Gallonari, Kenneth Faried, DeMare Carroll, Al Harrington

CENTERS: Nené, Birdman, Kosta Kufos

First things first shout out to North Jersey cause we real heavy on this roster because of the likes of rookie Kenneth Farhied from Brick City Newark, as well as St. Patrick’s own Al Harrington. By no means in this a bad roster, certainly not spectacular but there is definitely pieces here. Ty Lawson has become one of the most productive PGs in the league, Afflalo is a solid 2guard on both ends. And I really like the addition of rookie Jordan Hamilton out of Texas, who in my fake GM opinion had the most complete offensive skill set in the country last year. OG Andre & Fernandez off the bench won’t hurt either, especially with George Karl’s offense which puts no straps on its players(PAUSE).

The front court is no slouch either, Nené was really a top 5 center last season, I predict Gallo will become the second dopiest white player on the planet after this season is done with, don’t be surprised if you see my son hovering around 20 points per game this year. And as long as Birdman continues to do lines regularly before every important game he’s still one of the best back up centers in the League. Farhied is a freak athlete and a goon, so he looks to fill the void that Kenyon left, and Al Harrington will still provide his regular 12-15 points off of bad shots that he’s been doing his whole career.

PREDICTION: 34-32 – The thing that worries me most about this team is how Nené will perform after receiving this fat ass contract. He’s probably the richest Brazilian on earth right now, he was probably in the homeland this whole lockout eating mad steak and smanging the finest of females. Not caring about basketball one f**** bit. I’m not mad at him I’m just saying, he’s now the clear centerpiece of a team, and they need him at top form. All that being said, the west has gotten weaker, Ty Lawson & Gallo are getting better. Look out for a breakout performance from Jordan Hamilton, all those factors combined tells me they’ll be in the hunt for those 7 & 8th playoff spots all season.


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