25 Days of Christmas (Boston Celtics)

Lmaooooo, this is what life really is all about. This is why I stress going to the gym and having a good diet. Bad white chicks like a black guy that hits the weights and if you take her out to eat and order anything fried you basically killed your chances of laying with her.

And who knows if that’s really Kev, but it’s comical and he just living life the swish way.

GUARDS: Ray Allen, Avery Bradley, Marquis Daniels, Keyon Dooling, Rajon Rondo

FORWARDS: Brandon Bass, Kevin Garnett, JaJuan Johnson, Sasha Pavlovic, Piru P, Michael Sweetney (CRYING), Chris Wilcox

CENTERS: Jermaine O’Neal, Greg Stiemsma

56-26 last year, and a 3rd seed in the NBA Playoffs. Still a great year by any means but my God are these guys old. Ray Allen is about 36, 37 years old now and while you never forget how to shoot, you do get old and the young guns close out a little faster and that dunk 6 years ago is a tender layup now, ask fellow 3 point marksman Reggie Miller.

Rajon Rondo is a top 3 point guard in the NBA when he wants to be, some nights he’ll give you the most spectacular triple double and the next night he’s a dud. The Celtics are gonna need a little extra scoring from their point guard this year especially with the back-to-back games and rest that I’m sure Doc will give to KG and Ray Ray. 15 11 and 6 with 2 steals to top it off. Keyon Dooling really just made them that much older. Marquis Daniels has dreads, dreads in the NFL are dope dreads in the NBA are not.

Piru P and KG still feel that they’re the best 3/4 combo in the league. I’m sure they completely forgot about the way Bron and the Heat dismantled them and made them look ancient last year. But that’s what makes them such a great tandem, they just absolutely don’t give a fuck *Puff Daddy voice*. Brandon Bass is a good addition but I don’t think he’s better than Big Baby so it’s kinda subtraction by addition. *Mickael Pietrus was waived by the Suns today, he will probably sign with the C’s – Swish Broussard. I still think the worst trade of the year was when they gave up Kendrick (who has dropped significant lbs) to the Thunder. Had they kept Kendrick they may have been able to get passed Miami and maybe into their 3rd Finals in 4 years.

2011/2012 Prediction: 38-28. That record by all means will be a competitive one in the middle of the playoff pack in the East. Paul Pierce is already banged up, and that has been the M.O. (don’t you dare add a B to that) of the C’s since they won it in ’08. I can only see KG’s multiple injuries acting up again this year. Jeff Green is already out. Ray Allen seems like an Iron Man on this team. I think this is their last year to be even a legit “contender” in the East but there are 3 maybe 4 teams I’d put money on over the Celtics in 2011/2012.



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