25 Days of Christmas (Miami Heat)

Lmaooooo smh

Why won’t he just cut this? Mike cut his man, he won 6 rings immediately. How you expect to have fans when ya hair look like this. Somebody said he look like John Amos smh

It’s written in stone, if Lebron cuts the hair and goes bald his success will be endless. Read it here Anthony McCelland Theory

GUARDS: Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Mike Miller, Dwyane Wade

FORWARDS: Shane Battier, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard, Lebron James, James Jones

CENTERS: Joel Anthony, Eddy Curry, Dexter Pittman

We all know their story from last season 58-24, underachieving record in many ppls opinions. Looked great thru the first 3 rounds and Lebron actually closed some games. And right when they look like they had a championship wrapped up in Game 2 at home up by 17 or whatever it was in the 3rd quarter, it all went down the drain. We saw a weakness exploited, they couldn’t guard Dirk to save their lives. And after a couple more games of Jason Terry “jetting” across the court and DeShawn Stevenson repping his 5 after three pointers it was all over 2-4, that’s what I’m sure has stuck in the back of each of the Big 3’s mind all throughout the summer and over the lockout. They have to be more than eager to get out on the court, not just tomorrow but every single night to prove that last year was just that, last year. Chris Bosh has put on 25 pounds of muscle. And I know we jump on Lebron for the infamous 8 points but they need Chris Bosh to be a star again, he was Horace Grant, he’s better than Horace Grant and he has to play that way or they could be heartbroken again come June.

Examining that roster, it’s clear that they haven’t tampered with what they have too much, I don’t think they really needed to. Chalmers is one of the worst starting PG’s in the league, but that doesn’t make him a bad player, hehit as many clutch shots in the Finals as anyone on Miami did, and he’s a defender, the foundation of the team. Mike Miller was pretty banged up last year, he wasn’t good in the Playoffs at all but we know what White Mike is capable of I expect to see more of it this year. Norris Cole is gonna get some run with the lack of guards on the roster, he’s from Cleveland State, a do it all type of combo guard. D Wade showed signs of still being ‘Flash’ in the Finals, he knows now how much Lebron really needs his scoring, I expect him to take that initiative a little more often in oh twelve.

It’s almost like Miami has two new, experienced front court players between Shane ‘Token’ Battier and Udonis’ hairline. Udonis back at full strength is gonna take a lot of interior pressure off of Bosh, and he’s always been good for 11 and 8, that shouldn’t change. They are gonna hope that Shane Battier can do what none of the other 3 point shooters that they brought in can do, and that is make 3 pointers CONSISTENTLY. You know that with Lebron, Wade and Bosh on the court if you’re a shooter you’re gonna get looks, you gotta make em. Don’t know what to say about Lebron really, it’s now or never. We never said that about him before but the pressure’s as real as it’s ever been now, we will see what he’s made of. Bosh says that he’s gonna get back to playing and not thinking, that’s what they need. They also need for him to be a midrange shooter if that’s what he is, or be a post player if that what he is. That center position is still the worst assortment of names/players I’ve ever seen. Idk why they signed Eddy Curry, and I see that they are still gonna give him 11 million to sit on the bench.

2011/2012 Prediction: 54-12 That’s the equivalent of them winning 67 games in a 82 game schedule. You take the best player in the world, the 3rd, 4th, 5th best player in the world, and add a top 20 player into the mix all fresh off of the disappointment of losing in the Finals, and hearing whispers of them not being THAT good and what you have is a team that will destroy the competition. They know what it takes to get to the Finals but they have a lot of proving to do and it all starts with the regular season. Spolestra wins Coach of the Year. LeBron gets back to MVP form, Wade matches that effort, Bosh plays like a man, Haslem hits that baseline J, Heat win the Championship.



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