25 Days of Christmas (Orlando Magic)

One of the more underrated yet overrated teams of the past couple years. It’s like you never know what to point to as to why they win or lose. And they still holding out on the god Patrick Ewing. That’s why it’s very minimal respect being given to the Magics as a lot of female fans like to refer to them.

This might be what haunts Pat smh. This might be what haunts us Knicks fans. This might be what haunts Dwight Howard’s offensive growth. Sometimes as a Knick fan you gotta just watch that and know that the worst of our days are behind us.

GUARDS: Chris Duhon, Larry Hughes, Jameer Nelson, Gabe Pruitt, JJ Redick, JRich, QRich, Von Wafer

FORWARDS: Ryan Anderson, Earl Clark, Glen Davis, Daniel Orton, Hedo

CENTERS: Dwight Howard.

52-30. They just seem to fall off a little more every season, this year will more than likely be no different. I would like to send a huge FU** YOU to the first two names under guards. No need to stress the reasonS why just know that’s how I and a lot of other New Yorkers feel. Ima just put it like this, if Chris Duhon is getting burn for you in 2011/2012 ya team ain’t goin anywhere. Jameer is a scorer and not a point guard, and it becomes painfully obvious when Dwight goes 3 and 4 straight possessions without a touch. JJ Redick is wild felonious idc what anyone says, he hit a couple weights and now he’s a lockdown defender? FOH, not tryna hear allat. JRich lost a couple steps but he’s still liable to go off for 15-20 a night. ANd word to Uncle Swish the god himself Von Wafer is on the roster.

Big Baby is their best forward. That’s saying a lot and nothing at the very same time. Hedo has had some good years in Florida but that stint in Simp Land aka Toronto messed his head up, it’s relatively quiet for the Turk. No way on earth Dwight wants to stay on this team. They’re not built nor programmed to give him the ball in the post where he is much improved. They still just want him to go up and be a clean up guy. Brooklyn wants him, LA wants him, I think La (Lakers) get him before it’s all said and done.

2011/2012 Prediction 41-25 that record is valid only assuming Dwight stays there. There’s no way that the most dominant big man in the NBA will play for a team that doesn’t get wins. I would love to see Dwight do 25 and 15 and 3 blocks on some 90s big man steez, I think he has the ability to do it, it’s just a matter of him getting the ball enough to put up those numbers. The Magic will be back in the playoffs again and they again will be no threat to anyone.



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