25 Days of Christmas (Philadelphia 76ers)

This is kinda why I hate Philly. Y’all always wanna compare something to NY, y’all not even a real basketball city gawd smh. But shouts to Brozay and Meek Mill though that’s one thing yall do have going.

GUARDS: Jrue Holiday, Andre Igoudala, Jodie Meeks, Evan Turner, Lou Williams

FORWARDS: Lavoy Allen, Craig Brackins, Elton Brand, Andres Nocioni, Thad Young

CENTERS: Tony Battie, Spencer Hawes, Mareese Speights

As much hate as I just showed Philly, that’s my favorite team to use on 2K and they did go a very respectable 41-41 last season. Scrappiest team I ever seen, on paper they should really win 25 games max but Doug Collins might have done the best coaching job last season. Jrue Holiday is another one of the young, up and coming point guards in the league. I never saw Iggy as a star, but Jrue might have be that dude. While Iggy lacks that star quality aka offense he is still one of the best one on one defenders and he’s a stat sheet filler. Evan Turner was a #2 pick, so there’s no way that he can possibly play any worse than he did last season (7 3 and 2), he’ll do better or the Philly fans will kill him, literally. Lou Will lost mad credibility to me with those bars, he still an iight 6th Man tho.

Thad is an intriguing player, he seems like if given the minutes and touches he could really be a 20 and 7 player but I don’t know if he can get those touches on a team with a plethora of fake options. Elton finally had a good year in Philly and that plus Jrue’s play was probably the reason they got that 7 seed.

2011/2012 Prediction 35-31 another playoff birth. One of the best backcourts in the league, yes they are don’t question it. And 2 deep at every position, that depth can prove worthwhile in a playoff series versus say the Heat, Knicks or Celtics, all team that lack depth. 35-31 should get them into that 5-7 seed range again. I think you still need a star or 2 which as of right now the 6ers lack, but Jrue is the wildcard, they go as far as he improves/takes em.



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