25 Days of Christmas (Portland Trail Blazers)

If you know me you know the Blazers always are my team out west, word to Scottie and the headband.
But damn no Brandon Roy ever again, that really hurt, he was one of the original founders of the lightskin savior committee.

This was humbly one of the greatest Playoff moments ever. This was mad inspiring I remember shutting off all electronics and studying my hardest for a Math test after this game. All jokes aside, when BRoy was on he was a top 10 player over the past 4-5 seasons, only player who had a more perfect midrange game was the Mamba. Sad to see Roy go out like that.

GUARDS: Jamal Crawford, Raymond Felton, Armon Johnson, Wes Matthews, Nolan Smith, Elliott Williams

FORWARDS: Lamarcus Aldridge, Luke Babbitt, Earl Barron, Nick Batum, Marcus Camby, Craig Swish, Gerald Wallace

CENTERS: Chris Johnson, Greg Oden, Kurt Thomas

As they always do, headed by Nate McMillan, the Blazers found their way into the Playoffs @ 48-32. One of the most consistent teams in NBA history and not much is gonna change this year. The addition of Jamal Crawford is big especially on the heels of Brandon Roy’s retirement, Jamal is back in his home area and he’s always been a solid player as long as you monitor his minutes and give him the ball when he’s hot and keep it away from him when he’s not. Ray Felton was great for the Knicks last year, couple whispers of an All-Star game snub then he went to Denver and got lost in that depth (pause). He’s gonna have a great year up in Portland. I really think Wes Matthews can be a star in the NBA. His game reminds me slightly of Allan Houston’s, he could possibly be the second option on Portland this year.

Lamarcus Aldridge is the new Rasheed Wallace of the Western Conf in terms of talent, meaning he’s nice and we all know that but there are about 3-4 PF’s in the West who are better than him so he’ll never or rarely see that ASG love. Don’t get it confused though Lamarcus is as deadly as they come at the PF position on the block and out to 16 feet. G-Force was a great pickup for Portland as he’s a player who doesn’t need the ball but will give you 15-20 and 8-10 rebounds effortlessly and he plays lockdown defense. Nick Batum can finally flourish as a 7th man. Shouts to Craig Swish too. Camby is old but he’ll start at the 5 and grab 10 rebounds for the Blazers. This year has got to be Greg Oden’s last chance, I know the people of Portland are really nice and forgiving so that’s why he keeps getting these chances but enough is enough.

2011/2012 Prediciton 47-19 sleeper team in the West. The only competition in their division is going to come from the Thunder who I think they actually matchup very well with. They could secure a top 4 seed in the East given they stay healthy and get the ball to Mr. Aldridge. Jamal Crawford off the bench is such an upgrade from Rudy Fernandez and I really think you have to keep an ear and eye out for Wes Matthews, could be a break out season for him. Nate McMillan Coach of the Year?



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