25 Days of Christmas(Atlanta Hawks)

Nah man really hate Atlanta, like for real for real. I blame this city for being the center piece of the plight of urban/black culture. They were at the forefront of the absolute worst era of hip-hop music. They brought us Laffy Taffy, countless Gucci Man songs & now recently 2 Chainz, 3 things are as detrimental to black people as shitty public housing. As much as I love the thought of Spellman College females, I don’t think I’ll ever touch foot in that god forsaken place. F*ck Atlanta b….now as far as these Atlanta Hawks go…..

They’ve had the same team for like 5 years now man, and they’re still relatively wack. Our man & Swish affiliate @bk_da_skeet_man said it best, they are and have been the nicest non-elite team in the league for the better part of 4 years. 
PREDICTION: 32-34 : they lost Jamal Crawford, and f***n signed Tracy McGrady & Jerry Stackhouse……smh they really sipping mad lean in that front office man. Jerry Stack just got done talking late night on NBATV and sining national anthems and now he gets a deal…This dude really think he Donnell Jones & Michael Wilbon at the same time god….GMs continue to astound me man. I pray they don’t make the playoffs b, and I pray somehow white people find a way to lock up 2 Chainz before he gets to put out another mix tape. 

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