25 Days of Christmas(Los Angeles Lakers)

I really don’t even know how to start this…as a die hard fan…I’m lost, bamboozled, bewildered, and every other synonym & variation of those words…
I don’t know either Kob….smh
What I do know is that Kobe has a repaired knee, a full goatee, and has reportedly caught 105 bodies since cheating on his wife the FIRST time, and has no prenup.
Smells like a MVP season to me.
Rape Case Kobe AKA Colorado Kob
Smush Parker / Kwame Brown Era Kobe

I put those videos up because those are the last times he was going through a situation with his wife, and the latter was the last time his team was trash as it presently is. Both situations were 2 of his best individual performances. We are going to see a combination of Colorado Kob and 06′ Kobe, minus the youthful athleticism.

GUARDS: Derek Fisher, Steve Blake, Darius Morris, Kobe Bryant

FORWARDS: Metta World Peace, Matt Barners, Luke Walton, Devin Ebanks, Josh McRoberts, Troy Murphy, Jason Kapono, Derrek Caracter

CENTERS: Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum

I swear I’m not racist and I love white people to death, but there is just not enough melanin on this roster to really be a championship caliber team in 2011. The Lakers most glaring weaknesses last season were lack of quickness & athleticism on the perimeter, and terrible point guard play. And to combat these weakness Jerry Buss went out and signed Jason Kapono, Josh McRoberts, and Troy Murphy….the shit makes no type of sense at all.

The Lakers for the first time in a long time are going to really struggle to find ways to score. Kobe is still Kobe, but at the same time he’s not that same guy who can get 40 at will anymore. Father time is his worst enemy. Pau & Andrew still form the best Center & Power Forward combo in the league, but the lack of perimeter play is going to make it hard for them to be effective as they could be because teams can just focus on them down low similar to what the Mavericks did last playoffs.

They also have a dude named Metta World Peace on our roster, not to mention Swish Smits claim to fame is putting Devin Ebanks on smash back in high school. And that man is going to be our starting small forward on Christmas day….its a ugly & uncertain time for Laker fans b.

PREDICTION: 41-25 – Yeaa this might seem a little biased and overly generous but it is so f*** it. I am absolutely positive this roster you see here is not the roster that will be entering the playoffs. I am confident that they will sign Gilbert Arenas who has been amnesty clasused by the Magic. I think Agent 0 will be a great improvement. I am confident that Metta World Peace still has the ability to play like Ron Artest in his heyday. And I am also confident that the Magic will have no other trade partner other than the Lakers since the Nets Brook Lopez is now out 2 months of the season. So pending a roster shake up, The Lakers could and will be right back in the championship mix again.



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