Playoff Game Winners

10. Yea nah let’s get the Lakers outta here before they get us outta here cuz trust me they will. Mike Bibby showed zero signs of this Mike Bibby in the Finals some 6 months ago. I used to like Bibby, now I gotta fake like him while he’s in NY. Kings mighta been the most shook/overrated team ever for not beating the Lakers when they should/could have. I really thought the Kings were built for cuban linx smh.

9. I always hated Sean Elliott, no reason why I just did. And this shot didn’t help. Jail Blazers were and still are my team out West, I was just sure Damon and Sheed were ready to take that leap into the NBA Finals, and then this tight rope walking with a basketball shooting shit takes place.

8. As un clutch as Lebron is, I thought he had finally gotten over that hump in 09. I really went and tweeted that you could wrap the 09 Finals up after this shot. Lebron bamboozled us. As Derek Swisher said when we were young sophomores on UD’s campus the shot might have been “luck” because it/this moment has never been duplicated. I’m a really biased individual but due to the disappointment of seeing Bron go out in 6 that year I can’t even rank this top 5 like I kinda want to.

7. Blatant offensive foul. But it was still “Miller Time” as we liked to call it in NY. Had this game winner come in a winning series it may have garnered a top spot, especially due to the push off of Mr. Hoop Earring himself.

6. Mr 0.4. Derek Fisher was once one half of the hated clutch shot making duo in LA (other half was Rob Horry). The shot that Duncan made, had it stood as the game winner would rank pretty high, but this was the most improbable game winner I’ve ever seen. I’m glad that they lost that year and Karl Malone never got a ring.

5. I was the most fake Kobe fan during this 05-06 season, Lakers were the 8th seed with no chance of winning a title, and Kobe was balling out of his mind (should have been league MVP that year). It looked like they were gonna pull off the rare 8 v 1 series win after this. You talk clutch scorers, and in my mind it’s a two man race. #23 v #24, 6 Rings v The Black Mamba. They lost the series but this is still a top 5 moment.

4. He wasn’t Grandmama anymore but this shot was everything to Knicks fans. En route to making it to the Finals during the last lockout shortened season, Larry Johnson knocked this 3 in that rocked the city, literally.

3. Idk, but this was the most obvious play ever. I was sitting at home half asleep watching this snoozer of a series and I knew that Horry was shooting that ball, how did the Pistons not know this too? I mean that was top 3 worst Finals along with the other 2 times (minus ’99) the Spurs played in the chip (even though this series went 7 games) but this shot ranks pretty high, beacuse it was Big Shot Bob.

2. Kobe basically airballs a floater, Shaq misses an easy put back, Kings go up 3-1. That’s what I thought for all of 1.3 seconds. And then Horry seemingly strolls off the bench and takes the air out of every Laker hater worldwide with the top of the key trey ball smh. That three propelled the Lakers into the Finals and towards another chip.

1. Was there really any question as to what #1 would be? How could this not be the #1 game winner. You gotta show this to your kids kids. Bryon Russell tried to sell an offensive foul on the greatest player of all time as if the ref had the heart to call that lol. The sequence of plays is nothing short of amazing, 3 plays the Bulls needed, all 3 plays were courtesy of #23. And the underlying story here, Karl Malone fails at getting a chip again.


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