25 Days of Christmas (Chicago Bulls)

Its really feeling like the 90s man, all the great franchises are back and legit contenders. Seems like either a fix or a fairy tale that Chicago would be able to get the very first pick and draft their own hometown product Derrick Rose. And for him to play so incredibly well in the city he grew up in, under all the pressure of playing in the shadow of the greatest ever is really amazing. He’s the flashiest and most explosive player we’ve seen since Mike man, that includes Lebron, Kobe ect. Not saying that he’s better, but its the WAY he scores. The flare in his game is god given, he’s one of the leaders of this next generation of stars which includes KD & Blake as well. The league is in good hands

Praise from the most high…

GUARDS: Derrick Rose, Rip Hamilton, CJ Watson, Ronny Brewer, Keith Bogans

FORWARDS: Loul Deng, Carlos Boozer, Taj Gibson, Kyle Korver, Rasual Butler, Brian Scalbrine

CENTERS: Joakim Noah, Omar Asik

The Bulls are probably the popular anti-Miami pick to win it all this year. But to me I kinda feel like they over performed last year, and at least record wise they might digress this year. They basically had the best record in the NBA last year with only 1 offensive option. Other teams saw Miami’s blueprint in trying to check Rose with a bigger defender and will be sure to try to use the same strategy. D Rose has that Kobe type of obsession with getting better though. So look for him to have added a few different pieces to his game just like the god.

The Bulls are 2 deep at every position, and have one of the best most versatile front court trios in the league with Noah, Gibson, and Boozer. Asik is also as good as back up centers come. Tom Thibodeau is the perfect coach for this squad, and they are going to continue to be great on defense.

The key addition the Bulls made was Rip Hamilton, a lot of people are excited about the pick up but I for one am not too keen on it. Rip does what he does well, comes off screens, knock down shooter. But the bulls biggest shortcoming was they only had 1 person who could create their own shot. And a 33 year old Rip does not fill that void at all. I look for them to encounter the same exact problems that they did a year prior. When they really really need a shot, they are going to spread the court out and just hope Derrick Rose can bail them out. Where as teams like Miami, OKC, and even New York have multiple options to go to offensively.

PREDICTION: 46-20 -They probably got better overall but their problem is that so did the East. Those games against their division rivals like the Pacers are going to be much different with the additions they’ve made. Games against the Knicks are going to be different with Chandler added and more chemistry between Melo & Amare. And even a team like the 76ers will prove to be challenging. It’s like old times again, the east is tough. The biggest issue with the Bulls is unlike some other teams, without their star player, they become a non factor. Kind of like Cleveland a few years back, depending on Lebron so much. That being said, I’m predicting that they’ll be the Eastern Conference champs…at least for right now.



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