25 Days of Christmas (OKC Thunder)

Aight so we down to the nitty gritty now….2 teams left in a purposeful order, and thats because the Swish Gods feel like this years potential Finals matchup will be

Anyways, ya’ll know we are a big supporters of Backpack Durant. Not so much of his partner in crime Russel Stovers or as ya’ll know him Russel Westbrook. I foresee a little bit of Marbury in him circa Steph’s Timberwolves days with KG. This is the first time in a while 2 ultra talented potential superstars have been drafted by the same team. Kev is a humble leader, but who knows if Russ is ok with playing in his shadow. Only time will answer that.

GUARDS: Russel Westbrook, Eric Maynor, James Harden, Nate Robinson, Dequan Cook, Thabo Sefolosha, Reggie Jackson

FORWARDS: Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka, Nick Collison, Lazar Haywood

CENTERS: Kendrick Perkins, Cole Aldrich, Nazr Mohammed

OKC got the most complete team in the league by far. And for the most part all of their key pieces are 25 and under. They have 3 players in KD, Westbrook, and Harden, that can all create their own shot and are legit scorers from everywhere on the court. Other teams have 2 options but none with 3. They also now have 2 excellent interior defenders in Serge, and Perkins. Ibaka’s potential on defense has yet to even be reached and he still was great last season. Perk has the championship experience and is one of if not the best post defender in the league. Thabo is a All NBA defender on the perimeter, Collison is a great glue guy of the bench, Maynor is as pure as pure point guards get, and a great complement to Westbrook’s shoot first nature.

Probably seems like I’m riding their jock OD, and I might be. But when you think about it, these team really has no holes at all. No team puts them at a disadvantage. If they played the Bulls, they’ve got Westbrook to match up with D Rose. If they play the Lakers or Clips, they’ve got the inside defenders to match up with Pau Andrew or Blake. And they are probably the only team in the league who can matchup with the athleticism of Lebron & Dwayne in south beach. Youth, experience & intelligence seems to be the only opponent in stopping this squad from doing what they should do this season.

PREDICTION: 50-16 – Yeaa man I’m wilding out here, but I promise you from top to bottom, at least right now at this very moment, is the best team in the NBA. And in a short season with a lot of back to backs, their young legs will be able to overcome a lot of their biggest rivals such as the Lakers, Mavs, Spurs, Celts. Whether they win the chip or not, I’m still unsure…alot of that depends on how Russel Westbrook responds to the scrutiny of lasts seasons playoffs. But KD, at the age of 23 I can tell that he’s a legend man. He wants to be the best, he doesn’t want any help, he’s a leader already, and if you compare his stats and accomplishments to that of Lebron or Kobe at the same age, he’s the leader of the pack. Yet somehow he’s still being overlooked…maybe its because he’s so humble…or maybe its cause he plays most game with peas in his hair and no shape up. Regardless though, I’m feeling this is the start of a dynasty…

KD + Russ + Serge = Mike + Scottie + Horace Grant?????



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