Playoff Predictions

So we let the 25 Days of Christmas joints simmer for a couple of days, and we are looking like Aristotle or Confucius or Nostradamus, basically whoever the dude is that was predicting mad stuff (it may not be any one of these dudes).

But according to the predictions that we made we have a playoff scenario that would look something like this:

1-Miami (54-12) vs 8-Atlanta (32-34)
4-Orlando (41-25) vs 5-Boston (38-28)
3-New York (45-21) vs 6-Indiana (35-31)
2-Chicago (46-20) vs 7-Philadelphia (35-31)

1-Oklahoma City (50-16) vs 8-Denver (34-32)
4-Dallas (43-23) vs 5-Los Angeles (Clippers) (42-24)
3-Portland (47-19) vs 6-Los Angeles (Lakers) (41-25)
2-Memphis (47-19) vs 7-San Antonio (36-30)

I would like to make predictions based off of these but we’ll chill. Lets see just how accurate these predictions are when April hits.



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