The Good, The Swag, & The Ugly (Holiday Edition)

the GOOD

-Lebron still loves passing up shots in the last 30 seconds

-I just found a New Years Eve move that is going to cost me exactly $0.00

-That random patch in my beard finally grew in, now I don’t have to walk around with this wack R&B scruff beard

the swag

-Apparently this is Blake Griffin’s girlfriend….Sabrina Maserati….that can’t be her real name….

-But this is Dejaun Blair’s girlfriend….swag eem the f*** out…wish i could photoshop the air 1s out this pic

the UGLY

-The Utah Jazz, the whitest franchise in NBA history had more black players on their roster than we did last night….at 1:28 we actually had 4 caucasian men suited up in purple in gold simultaneously…I can say this though cause I have 3 very good white friends.



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